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Tredz tips

Get tyre pressure right

A lot of beginners don't know how to find out the correct tyre pressure for their bike. It's easy to find out - just take a closer look at your tyres.

what you will need
  • You will need:
  • a pump with a pressure gauge

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Many people don't know how to find their tyre pressure, but running tyres at too high a pressure can be uncomfortable and too low is inefficient and can cause punctures.

tyre diagram

Step 1

You will find the correct tyre pressure on the sidewall of the tyre. Usually there is a range, so if you're unsure of how you like your tyres to feel, aim for a pressure in the middle of the range.

step 1 graphic

Step 2

Remove the dust cap on your tyre. If you have Schraeder valves, unscrew the central core. Press the pump head onto the valve and use the lever to lock it in place.

step 2 graphic

Step 3

Use the pressure gauge on the pump to reach the correct pressure. Carefully release the lever and firmly remove the pump head from the valve. Replace the dust cap.

step 3 graphic

Take care when you remove the pump head from the valve. You need to do this with confidence so you don't let all the air back out as you do it. Take care, or the pressure can force your hand painfully into spokes, disc rotors or gears - ouch.