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Cube Electric Bikes


Cube electric bikes have only been maded since 2010, but are responsible for one of our best-selling electric bikes, the Cube EPO FE. All 2012 electric Cube bikes have the latest LiPo batteries and Bosch motors, they add a little overall weight but make you feel like you have the legs of Lance Armstrong when you are pedalling. A Cube electric bike can be a realistic alternative to a car or scooter for commuting use, is quick and easy to charge, good for the environment and helps keep you fit.

Cube Electric Bikes

One of the most stylish e-bikes available, the Epo 2012 boasts a 36-volt battery, Shimano gears and 180mm Shimano hydraulic disk brakes. Electric bikes can massively boost your range on one charge by adding up to 20 miles through an high efficiency motor and latest battery technology.


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