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The GoPro Hero 3 is the most technologically advanced, mountable camera in the world today. Capable of recording cinema quality video, 12mp photos at a burst rate of 30 pictures a second and HD video at 12o frames a second (for super smooth slo-mo action), the go pro is a must have for anyone who wants to record their outdoor activities. The Hero 3 will fit all of your existing GoPro accessories, but has been redesigned with a new slimmer case and lighter construction, resulting in an even more wearable camera. Wi-Fi now comes as standard (Black and Silver models) and the Black edition ships with a remote so you can stop and start recording without having to touch the unit. I phone and Android apps are available to remotely view the footage the camera is seeing in live time and what you have recorded – so no more shots of the ground, or sky!


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