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Tyres ...

Up to 12% Off Tyres

Refresh your tyres – new tyres will see you gripping hard and railing corners like a pro… a new set of rubber on your mountain bike will add confidence and allow you to ride faster and harder. Make sure you have the right tyres for the conditions you ride in or maybe try something new? There are new advances every year and you could be missing out on some serious extra grip.

  1. Continental Rubber Queen MTB Tyre - Extra soft Black Chili compound for phenominal grip, just £14.95
  2. Maxxis Minion DH Off Road Mountain Bike Tyre - Speed, stability and cornering Bikeradar 4.5 star rating, from £26.99
  3. Specialized The Captain S-Works 2Bliss MTB Off Road Tyre - Control and predictability no matter the surface, only £29.99
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Grips ...

Up to 10% Off Grips

Refresh your grips – you must have had grips that come loose at some point if you are a serious mountain biker? There’s nothing worse! Get some new lock-on grips and your hands will be firmly stuck to the bars, giving you confidence and control.

  1. DMR LoccDD Lock On Grips - Staggered height for unparalleled grip, only £10.79
  2. Pro XCR Lock Ring Grips - Strong urethane materials prevent damage to your handlebars or grips, just £14.99
  3. Specialized XC Locking MTB Grips - Negotiate those hair raising corners with the grip of choice, just £19.99
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Most Coveted ...

Most Coveted ...

Your life in HD – strap the Go Pro to your head, your bike, your dog, car, surf board or whatever you choose, and record the action live and in full 1080p HD. The Go Pro has a waterproof housing and features a 5mp camera – so you can take pictures as well as video. The Go Pro is THE must have accessory for anyone partaking in any action sport.

Bikeradar rating - 4.5 Stars

Go Pro HD Hero 2 Camera with Outdoor Mount and Accessories only £299.99

Bars ...

Up to 10% Off Bars

Bars get scratched over time and it’s great having a new pair. I’m sure if you are into gravity sports you will have been thinking a wider bar and shorter stem might be a good idea? Now it’s a good time to swap out your standard bars for a wider model, gain more control and get a better ‘ride’.

  1. Easton EA50 Riser Mountain Bike Handlebar - Worldwide best seller for riders wanting high performance at a great price, just £31.49
  2. Renthal Fatbar - Motorcross technology in a downhill bar - Bikeradar 4 Star rating, just £59.99
  3. ODI Flight Control Bar - Increase the width of your handlebars by just screwing on some of ODIs Wingtip bar extenders, just £69.99
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Pedals ...

Up to 34% Off Pedals

Refresh your pedals – whether you are an old school flat pedal rider or you choose to clip-in, your pedals get bashed on rocks and end up with chunks missing and pins lost. A new pair will give you more grip on the jumps and traction when you put the power down.

  1. DMR V8 Pedal - Colours to match your bike, 4 start Bike radar rating, quality and a great price  at just £25.19
  2. Shimano M530 MTB SPD Trail Pedals - Ideally suited to tackle single track and ultra-technical descents with control and confidence, just £31.99
  3. Shimano M545 SPD – Clipless MTB Pedals - Tough all round pedals especially good for off-road riding, just £45.99
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Saddle & Seat Posts ...

Up to 20% Off

Refresh your saddle and seat post – it only takes a crash or two and you saddle can get scuffed and torn and it won’t look great. Getting a new one will freshen up your bike and make it look newer. As for seat posts – have you got a dropper post? You need one, they are worth every penny and will change the way you ride forever.

  1. Madison Flux MTB Saddle - One of the most comfortable saddles you will ever ride, Just £17.49
  2. Pro Atherton DH / 4X MTB Saddle - Utilize more of the nose while climbing, while the square profile distributes more weight onto the sit bones, just £37.49
  3. Rockshox Reverb Adjustable Seatpost - Infinitely adjustable travel via a remote hydraulic lever 5 star Bikeradar rating, just £247.99
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