Refresh Your Road Bike


Tyres ...


Refresh your tyres – worn out tyres seriously reduce grip and create extra unwanted drag. We picked a range of tyres to suit most wallets which will improve the quality of your ride and handling of your bike. Look out for Hardcase and Armadillo puncture protection and upwards of 180TPI casing with Kevlar protection.

  1. Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase Hybrid Bike Tyre - Triple flat protection of Bontragers Hardcase technology - £17.99
  2. Continental Ultra GatorSkin DuraSkin Road Tyre - Ultimate puncture protection from just £26.95.
  3. Specialized All Condition Armadillo 700c Road Tyres -  Fast, low rolling resistance rated 4.5 Stars, £30.00
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Saddles ...


Refresh your Saddle – we picked three saddles for your seating pleasure to freshen up the look of your ride and keep you comfortable over the long miles. Look out for Titanium light weight rails and gell padding for added comfort.

  1. Madison Prime Road Saddle - 5 Star Bike Radar Rating - Great value at only £22.89
  2. Specialized Romin Comp Gel Saddle - For optimal power transfer & comfort  £59.99
  3. Fizik Arione Performance Saddle - Extended saddle length provides better riding positions £96.99


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Most Coveted ...

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Road Wheelset

Affordable performance - The Cosmic Carbone SL is a proven wheelset over time and by race wins. One of the lightest aero clincher wheelsets on the market - making race winning performance available for road racers and triathletes or just a super-fast commute. The Cosmic Carbone SL is milled from Mavic’s own Maxtal aluminium alloy, making it 30% more resistant than a 6061 equivalent and providing lighter, stronger rims.

The Cosmic Carbone SL / Our Price £765.00 SAVE 10%


Handle Bars ...


Refresh your bars – standard bars can be heavy and may not always provide the perfect fit. We have picked out some bars to help you lighten your bike and tune your front end to make you both comfortable and fast. Look out for carbon fibre - which will save you weight – on your bike and also your wallet, but the performance is worth it every time.

  1. Giant Connect SL Dropbar Handlebars - Engineered for performance and deigned for comfort just £25.49
  2. Pro Mark Cavendish Star Series Road Bike Handlebar - reinforced alloy, with an internally splined construction only £56.24
  3. Specialized S-Works SL Carbon Road Handlebar - advanced composite weave combines high strength and stiffness with excellent comfort - Bikeradar rating 4.5 Stars - just £149.99
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GPS and computers ...


Refresh your route – if you aren’t recording your stats you’re going to find it difficult to trail effectively. We picked some of the best ways of logging your distance and route so you can train to your full potential of just show off where you have been. Look out for ANT+, cadence measurement and fully unloadable .GPX files so you can view your route on Google maps.

  1. Cateye Velo Wireless Computer - simple user interface with large screen for easy reading, just £29.74
  2. Cateye Micro Wireless Computer - 10 function wireless computer, just £33.99
  3. Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Cycle Computer - No sensors, wires or set-up required, switch on and ride, rating 4 Stars - only £112.95.
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Water Bottles ...


Refresh your beverage – Drinking out of a mouldy old bottle isn’t nice, it’s actually quite dangerous. And you really don’t want to be throwing up mid-ride… unless it’s due to working hard. We asked the staff and selected three bottles that we like to hold our drinks. Look out for insulated outers, big bite valves and matching colours.

  1. Giant 750ml Water Bottle - for race training or just a quick spin, hydration is essential just £3.83
  2. Specialized Big Mouth Water Bottle - great Shape, 700ml capacity, absolutely doesnt leak just £6.99
  3. Camelbak Podium Bottle 710ml - Featuring Hydroguard anti-microbial protection - Bikeradar rating 4 stars just £7.64
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Bottle Cages ...


Don’t forget to refresh your cage as well – unless you are lucky enough to have a Domestique, you are going to need somewhere to store you bottle(s). A Nice lightweight cage will do the job – we picked out a few to help the water storage problem. Look out for light weight plastic and carbon versions as well as some of the more ‘aero’ versions.

  1. Zefal Spring Bottle Cage - this great looking bottle cage comes in at only 46grams and only £4.49
  2. Giant Water Bottle Cage 5mm - Lightweight and stylist cages come in 3 distinct colours just £3.83
  3. Specialized Rib Cage - New compression design allows for secure bottle retention, with easy in-and-out only £10.99
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JT May 3, 2012 Bike Guides