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What do Google, Ikea and Yahoo have in common (apart from being hugely successful)?


Google bought 2,000 bikes for staff recently as a thank you for their hard work. Employees can now ride to work free of charge. Ikea gifted 9000 folding bikes to its staff and Yahoo gave its staff this gorgeous Specialized bike so they could cycle to work.

Bicycles fit perfectly with companies looking for genuine green credentials. Is your organisation becoming more engaged in corporate responsibility, green transport plans and cycle-friendly workplaces?

As well as the existing cycle to work tax benefit scheme, the UK government is investing a record £140m in cycling to help to tackle road congestion, improve air quality and create more opportunities for exercise.

Corporate cycles awaiting shipping

Liane Hornsey, director of human resources and staffing for Google Europe, Middle East and Africa summarises the benefits to employees:

"We think that these amazing bikes will help Googlers keep fit and healthy, get to know their city better and reduce the environmental impact of their journey to work."

What other reward scheme benefits employers and employees alike? Or even more importantly what other reward scheme is so much fun?

If you have a corporate cycling requirement, or require green travel plan advice (or if you're an existing cyclist looking to get some ammunition to take to your HR manager), then please email us or call 01792 799508 for information and pricing on quantity discounts on cycles and cycling accessories.

Emergency forces

The police and emergency services increasingly resort to using bicycles for better contact with the public and increased mobility in a variety of operations. Bikes offer improved response time in heavy traffic, they’re great for public relations, promote good health, set a positive example, are cost-effective and enjoyable. (International Police Mountain Bike Association's FAQ and this UK article)

Tredz have sourced and customised cycles for private companies, the army, the police force and ambulance services and can do likewise for your organisation. We can supply suitable bikes with or without additional kit to suit their use with the various emergency services. Please email us or call 01792 799508 for further information.

Cycle to Work

Cycling is the healthier, more efficient and often most economic travel option for your organisation. Cycling to and from work reduces stress, improves fitness, work performance and it can save time and money. In addition, reduced car emissions are an obvious environmental benefit.

Together with other measures such as greater public transport usage and car sharing, cycling is an ideal component of your organisation's travel plan.

Having more employees cycling to work may reduce the need for car parking spaces, offering related savings in capital expenditure and has the potential to convert land from car parking. It also offers savings in national insurance and possibly VAT payments.

Under the Cycle to Work scheme, employees can buy a bike out of their pre-tax income, discounting the retail cost by up to about half. According to the London Cycling Campaign, most London cyclists save the cost of their bike in a couple of months by not using public transport.

Employers will be called on to encourage their workers to bring healthier lifestyles to the office, shop and factory floor as part of a new health-work balance campaign to be launched by the Government this year.

175 Million working days a year are lost to sickness absence.
Employers can cut the amount of sick absence
by doing quite modest things
" according to a recent FT article.
Measures include consulting staff about the things that would help them, for example
a shower available at work could help them cycle or jog in.

Find out more about saving money and increasing your staff's performance with Cycle to Work, call us on 01792 799508.

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