Beto EZ001A HiPressure All Alloy Road Mini Pump

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Product Description

Hi-Pressure All-Alloy Road Pump

  • Advanced lever-less Easy ON & OFF pump head
  • Hammerhead style dual valve for Schrader/Presta
  • Foldable alloy T-handle
  • Precision drawn alloy barrel & piston shaft
  • CNC alloy valve caps
  • Air volume per stroke: 30cc approx
  • Up to 120PSI
  • EZ Head

BETO EZ HEAD Technology

EZ Head’s unique lever-less design allows the user to engage with the tyre valve using just one hand, and it is an easy push-on and pull-off fast action. Conventional pump head requires two hands to do the job.

Its revolutionary “Double-Lock” valve-lock system provides stronger engagement with the tyre valve. External 8 claws firmly lock into the threaded stem. Internal rubber grommet is compressed by perimeter-force to air-tight with the tyre valve. Conventional pump heads only rely on top-down force to squeeze the rubber grommet to grip the tyre valve.

The valve-lock mechanism of EZ head is triggered by the fixed amount of insertion force and depth of the tyre valve. There is no guess work, like there is with a conventional pump head.

- Lever-less one-hand operation
- Easy push-on & pull-off fast action
- Revolutionary “Double-Lock” valve system
- Fool-proof fixed force & depth insertion
- Hammerhead dual valve or single valve

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

Bike Pumps Guide


Bike Pumps Guide

Bike pumps come in many shapes and sizes and are designed for different purposes. We’ll cover all the different types of pump in the guide, but first let’s take a look at some things that are common to all bike pumps.

What to look for

Valve Type

There are two main valve types used for cycling. Many bike pumps are suitable for both types, but some will only fit one type of valve, so it’s best to know which type you need before you buy.

Schrader valves are the same type of valve that you find on cars. This valve type is usually found on kids bikes as well as more affordable mountain and hybrid bikes. A Schrader type valve is also used for air sprung shocks and forks.

Presta valves are cycling specific valves. You’ll find these valves on road bikes as well as high-end mountain and hybrid bikes. Most tubeless valves are Presta valves.

types of bike valve

Tyre Pressure

The perfect air pressure for your tyres will depend on the volume of the tyre. Narrow road tyres need a much higher air pressure than wide mountain bike tyres. The maximum air pressure for a tyre will be written on the side wall of the tyre.

Pumps are rated up to a specific air pressure. You’ll need a higher-pressure pump for road bike tyres than for MTB tyres. Air pressure is measured in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

side wall of bike tyre showing max psi

Typical Bike Tyre Pressures

Mountain Bike Tyres

Tyre size

Tyre pressure*


40 psi


35 psi


28 psi


23 psi


18 psi

Road & Hybrid Bike Tyres

Tyre Size

Tyre Pressure*


115 psi


100 psi


90 psi


80 psi


70 psi

Types of Pump

Floor Pumps

Floor pumps make pumping up tyres easy. Also known as track pumps, they sit on the floor with a footrest and grips for both hands, so you can add a lot of air to your tyres with each stroke. Most have a dual valve head so you can easily switch between Presta and Schrader valves without making any adjustments. Floor pumps are perfect for the home workshop but are too big to carry on a ride.

three floor pumps

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps or mini pumps are small enough to fit in your bag or attach to the frame of your bike. Perfect for fixing puncture you can carry a hand pump with you wherever you go. These pumps come in many sizes. Smaller ones are easy to carry but larger ones make pumping up your tyres easier. Some hand pumps feature a hose that makes it easier to pump your tyres up. Most hand pumps have a head that can easily be adjusted to work with both valve types.

pumping up a bike tyre with a hand pump

Cartridge Pumps

Cartridge pumps or CO2 inflators are a valve head that connects to a CO2 cartridge. Sometimes these are combined with hand pumps. You can use CO2 inflators to pump your tyres up quickly or even seat tubeless tyres. You’ll need to carry spare cartridges with you to use them on a ride. We sell CO2 cartridges in our physical shops but they're not available to buy at Tredz online.

using a co2 inflator on  a bike tyre

Shock Pumps

You’ll need a shock pump to adjust the air pressure in air sprung suspension forks and shocks. Suspension uses very high air pressures so a bike pump for tyres isn’t an option. Shock pumps are quite small as the volume is much lower than a bike tyre. The pressure gauge allows you to be very accurate with the air pressure in your fork or shock. All shock pumps use the same type of valve, so it is easy to switch between brands.

shock pump

Tubeless Inflators

Seating tubeless tyres on the rim can be challenging with only a floor pump. This is because you can’t get the air in quickly enough to make a seal between the tyre and wheel rim. Tubeless inflators have a tank that you fill with air from a track pump, then release it into the tyre all in one go. This seats the tyre properly on the rim. Some tubeless inflators are combined with a floor pump.

Using an Airshot tubeless inflator

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