Cervelo Aspero 5 GRX RX815 Di2 2022 - Gravel Bike

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Product Description

That’s how the Cervelo Aspero 5 debuted under the characters of the Wednesday Night Rough Club two years ago, and that’s how it’s stayed. And since, at Cervélo, we know that flat out doesn’t stay flat out for long without a little help from science, we’ve come back from the drawing board with a new Áspero. A faster Áspero, a lighter Áspero, and—dare we say it—an even better looking Áspero.

Key Features:
  • All-Carbon Áspero-5 frame and fork with gravel geometry
  • Shimano GRX Di2 2x11 electronic gravel drivetrain
  • Powerful Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rapid Reserve 32mm carbon fibre wheelset
  • Colours: Five Black, Purple Sunset
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm
  • The Cervelo Aspero 5 GRX RX815 Di2 2021 is available with 0% APR finance

Our engineers like to say, "If it looks fast, it probably is"—but there’s some truth to it, and Áspero-5 looks fast standing still. No cables in the wind, tubes derived from our library of aerodynamically proven shapes, and just a hint of a cut out in the seat tube to squeak out just a bit more tire clearance, add up to a bike that proves the adage.


All Tredz bikes are:


  • Fully built & ready to ride
  • Fully checked & tested by Cytech qualified mechanics
  • Available with 0% APR finance on any basket over £99
  • UK price match guarantee
  • 365 day no hassle returns
  • Free delivery in the UK Mainland on a date that suits you


In the box with every Tredz bike is:


  • Free Tredz 9 key trail tool
  • Free Tredz pedal spanner
  • Free basic pedals
  • Tredz drawstring kit bag
  • 16 point quality control check sheet
  • Basic bike setup instructions
  • Free Cycle Plan insurance voucher


Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.


Fork:Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero-5 Fork with Adjustable Trail
Headset:FSA IS2 1-1/4 x 1-1/2
Stem:Cervélo ST32 Alloy
Bars:Carbon AB09 16deg Flared Carbon
Front Brake:Shimano GRX RX815 Hydraulic Disc Shimano SM-RT800, 160mm
Rear Brake:Shimano GRX RX815 Hydraulic Disc Shimano SM-RT800, 160mm
Front Mech:Shimano GRX 815 Di2, 11 spd
Rear Mech:Shimano GRX 815 Di2, 11 spd
Shifters:Shimano GRX RX815 Di2, 11 spd
Rims:Reserve 32mm DT350 XDR, 24h (F), 24h (R), 24mm IW, Center-Lock, Tubeless Ready
Front Tyre:Panaracer Gravel King SK Folding 700x38
Rear Tyre:Panaracer Gravel King SK Folding 700x38
Seat Post:Cervélo SP19 27.2 Carbon
Saddle:Prologo Dimension NACK
Chainset:Shimano GRX 810 48/31 w/ 4iiii Precision Dual Sided Power Meter
Bottom Bracket:JY-BB 24
Chain:Shimano CN-HG701, 11 spd
Cassette:Shimano HG800, 11 spd, 11-34

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Aspero Sizing & Geometry

Cervelo Logo


Cervelo Aspero Size Chart



Height (cm)

Height (inches)


155 - 163



163 - 170

5’4” – 5’7”


170 – 178

5’7” – 5’10”


178 - 183

5’10” – 6’0”


183 - 191

6'0” - 6’3”


191 - 196

6’3” - 6'5"


Cervelo Aspero Geometry

STACK 505MM 530MM 555MM 580MM 605MM 630MM
REACH 370MM 379MM 388MM 397MM 406MM 415MM
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74.5° 74° 73.5° 73° 73° 73°
TOP TUBE LENGTH 512MM 532MM 553MM 575MM 591MM 608MM
WHEEL SIZE 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 71° 71.5° 72° 72° 72° 72°
TRAIL * 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM 58.6(700C) / 58.1(650B)MM
FORK OFFSET 52/57MM 49/54MM 46/51MM 46/51MM 46/51MM 46/51MM
FRONT CENTER 583MM 592MM 602MM 619MM 637MM 654MM
WHEELBASE 990MM 1000MM 1010MM 1027MM 1046MM 1063MM

 What size frame do I need if I am between sizes? - read here

Please note, all size information is provided as a guide - if you're unsure or need any further assistance you can call us on 01792 799508 ... we're happy to help!

Gravel Bike Guide


Gravel Bike Guide

What is a Gravel Bike?

Gravel bikes, sometimes called adventure bikes, sit somewhere on a sliding scale from what is essentially a drop-bar mountain bike, to something that looks like a traditional road or cyclocross bike.

Comfort based geometry – Most gravel and adventure bikes prioritise rider comfort over outright speed.

Long wheelbase - Continuing the frame design thread, gravel and adventure bikes tend to have a long wheelbase. Increasing this distance helps spread rider weight, increasing stability.

Low bottom bracket – A low bottom bracket (BB) another common gravel bike feature designed to increase the stability of a gravel bike, helping the bike feel more planted.

cannondale Topstone in the wild

Generous tyre clearance – Large tyre clearance is yet another concession gravel bike designers pay to ride comfort and stability. Most models come shod with 32mm tyres but with room for much, much wider rubber.

Disc brakes – Drawn by disc brakes' increased stopping power, easier modulation and reduced maintenance it’s no surprise to see bike brands use them on gravel bikes.

As with most bike types, gravel models tend to be unisex. By switching out contact points, or simply adjusting them, it's fairly easy to cater for riders of different shapes. That said, some brands do offer specific women's gravel bikes.

riding a grave bike through a water splash

Why Choose a Gravel Bike?

Gravel bike vs MTB vs road bike

Want to throw the in the odd bridleway on your favourite road loop? Don’t fancy going mountain biking, but like the idea of escaping road traffic? Dream of hopping on train for a weekend’s bikepacking? Love road and mountain, but only room for one bike at home? Hanker after a bike that can get you to work quickly Monday to Friday, before enjoying some off-road action at the weekend? Gravel bikes fit each of these scenarios and more!

gravel bike cyclist riding fast

Gravel bikes are perfectly suited to touring and bikepacking, most have mounts for full-length mudguards, racks and multiple bottle cages. They are incredibly versatile bikes made from either steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon, fitted with slick narrow tyres they will not hold you back on the road, and with knobbly tyres they will not fail to make you grin on the trails, often compared to riding rigid MTB’s back in the day the ride feel is exhilarating and fun, though high end Gravel bikes are thoroughly modern with 1x drive trains, carbon frames and disc brakes.

gravel bike rider on the trails

Are there different types of Gravel bikes?

Catering for different types of cycling, Gravel bikes have diversified into two types;

Aggressive Gravel bikes

Some Gravel bikes have a lower and more aggressive riding position, similar to a cyclocross bike but with even wider tyres and luggage/mudguard compatibility, these bikes make the perfect “one bike” as with a set of slick/narrow tyres they are perfect for a sportive and casual road events.

Aggressive Gravel bike

Relaxed Gravel bikes

With a more comfortable geometry giving a more upright position this style of gravel bike is better suited to touring and bikepacking. The taller riding position makes it easier to handle off-road. What they lack in flat out speed they make up for in comfort on the long-distance days.

Relaxed gravel bike

What type of Gravel bike should I buy?

If you are coming from an MTB background a more relaxed and comfortable Gravel bike might suit you best, as you might aspire to ride rough terrain and see how far away from the smooth road you can get. A serious road rider might prefer a more aggressive Gravel bike that has a familiar geometry to a standard road bike. As ever it depends on the type of riding you intend to do.

Fitness training, all-road, commuting

Aggressive gravel bikes are very versatile, they make the perfect fast commuters with their capability to take racks and full-length mudguards, some road racers will find they make the perfect winter training bikes, while others will find them the perfect one bike for commuting, training and once fitted with slick tyres will perform in any tarmac event admirably.

riding a gravel bike

Long distance, off-road, adventure

Relaxed gravel adventure bikes were made for this exact purpose, the comfortable geometry lending themselves perfectly to big multi-day trips carrying luggage. Wide tyres with large volume add comfort and speed off the tarmac, we are constantly surprised by what these bikes can handle, hydraulic brakes give powerful stopping power even on the hoods, wide range cassettes can tame the steepest gradients.

bike packing on a gravel bike

What should I look for when buying a gravel bike?

Frame and fork

Suspension– A gravel bike with suspension? Are you sure? Yes! Suspension is one of several attributes used to distinguish certain gravel bikes from one another. Most designs involve the use of shock absorbing materials or elastomers in the frame to soak up the bumps, with more extreme models running a front suspension fork, albeit with less travel than a traditional mountain bike. If you’re going to spend more time off road than and on, or if you’ve a penchant for exploring the edge of grip then a gravel bike with an element of suspension will be for you.

Dropper post– Dropper post on a gravel bike? Again – are you sure? Yes, yes we are! As off-road descents get steeper and more technical, the more a rider needs to shift their weight over the rear wheel and lower to the ground. A dropper post scoots the saddle out of the way enabling the rider to tackle the descent with confidence. Whilst they’re not a common feature of gravel bikes today, we can certainly see them becoming more popular in future!


road racing bikes

Frame mounts– Gravel and adventure bikes are the perfect partner for bikepacking trips. If you’re buying something to go on this kind of trip it’s a good idea to take stock of your chosen model’s frame mounts. Three bottle cage mounts are perhaps the bare minimum for water carrying requirements. And if you’re going to be using an extra-large frame bag which covers the traditional bottle cages, look for a bike whose forks include mounts too!

bike packing on a gravel bike


As the price point increases so does the quality and efficiency of the gearing. Most mid to high-end gravel bikes will use a 1x set up for ease and weight saving, 2x and 3x road groupsets are often found on gravel bikes, along with a mix-and-match of road and mountain bike components to get the best of both worlds.

Chainset – If running 2x or 3x gravel bikes will often have compact or smaller chainrings as top speeds will not be that of standard road bikes, but steep climbs sometimes laden with luggage will require easier gearing. Mid to high-end gravel bikes borrow from MTB technology and use reliable, light and efficient 1x set ups. With no front derailleur and a large wide range cassette, a climb taming ratio is available without sacrificing too much top end speed, but the ease of use, reliability and weight saving is invaluable.

Cassettes – Bikes with a 2 or 3x chainset will often still have a larger cassette than a road bike to still give a wide gear range. 1x gravel bikes will usually have at least a 40 tooth cassette though now 42 and even more teeth are common on high-end gravel bikes.

road bike gearing

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel sizes– Gravel bikes roll on one of two wheel sizes. Most use standard 700c road wheels, with some using the 650b (27.5”) standard. Teaming a 650b wheel with 47mm tyre is the equivalent of running a 700c wheel with 30mm tyre but with the added benefit of an increase in contact with the ground. A very general takeaway here: if you’re after comfort or traction off road, plump for a gravel bike with 650b wheels and if tarmac is more to your taste a 700c wheeled bike will suit. Saying that, some gravel bikes are compatible with both wheel standards, enabling you to pop a pair of 700c’s in for a swashbuckling road ride, before substituting in the 650b’s for a rough and tumble hack.

Thru axles– The majority of gravel bikes uses thru axles. Stronger and less prone to flex over rough terrain than quick release skewers, they’re also less likely to accidentally come loose whilst riding. A rough standard has been set, with most models using 12x142 rear and 15x100 front. The first number refers to the diameter of the axle with the second denoting the dropout width. If upgrading components in future is important to you, do take a note of a bike's axle size.

road bike wheels

Tyre clearance– To keep your riding (and tyre) options as open as possible it’s a good idea to find out each gravel bike’s maximum tyre clearance before buying. It’s easy enough to pop a pair of 28mm or 30mm road tyres on if the tarmac is calling, but if a big adventure ride calls for 42mm tyres and your bike can only take 37mm you’re going to be snookered! Be aware that sometimes the measurements provided on the tyre might have a margin of error – true story!

Tubeless– Very much in vogue right now, a tubeless setup promises an increase in puncture protection - thanks to the sealant, more squish - thanks to an ability to run lower air pressures as well as a faster ride – thanks to lower rolling resistance. If running tubeless is important to you, be sure to choose a gravel bike with tubeless compatible wheels and tyres.

gravel bike tyre

Disc Brakes - Ploughing through muddy terrain, slowing on a steep descent, or pulling up short of an obstacle – gravel riding calls for disc brakes – simple! At the lower end of the market, you’ll observe that bikes run mechanically operated brakes, whilst more expensive bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Mechanical, or cable operated, disc brakes don’t offer the best braking feel (modulation) but are much easier to repair road or trailside when compared to hydraulic brakes – ideal then if you’re on a multi-day adventure ride. As well as offering the best braking performance, hydraulic disc brakes usually require very little maintenance once setup correctly.

Gravel bike disc brakes


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What's In The Box

What's In The Box

As cyclists ourselves, we know you will be keen to get out on your new bike as soon as possible. That's why we provide you with all the essential kit you need to get your shiny new bike rolling for the first time.

Most bikes don't come with pedals as standard so we include a set of basic pedals, free of charge with every bike we send out. We will also provide you with a pedal spanner to fit them and a 9-key trail tool, along with full instructions for setting your bike up out of the box. Each bike is sent out with a 16 point, quality control check sheet so you can be confident that your bike has been fully checked by our qualified mechanics.

What's in the box What's in the box
  • Basic setup instructions
  • 16 point quality control checklist
  • Free tredz multitool
  • Free tred pedal spanner
  • Free basic pedals
  • Free drawstring kit bag
  • Free bike insurance voucher

All these items are provided at no extra charge and are packed into a Tredz drawstring bag that doubles up as a handy backpack for carrying your ride essentials.

  • Basic bike setup instructions
  • Free ‘basic’ pedals
  • Free Tredz pedal spanner
  • Free Tredz 9-key trail tool
  • Free Tredz drawstring bag
  • Free 14 Days insurance voucher
  • 16 point, quality control check sheet

Tredz Service:

Tredz bikes are fully built & set up to ride
Read our bike setup guide.

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