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Muc-Off Athlete Performance - Amino Explosive Power Cream 150ml

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    Imagine a natural product that could help you increase your power and strength by ensuring your body is kept at an optimum state of performance. Muc-Off has created that product – Introducing Muc-Off Amino Explosive Power Cream.

    Amino Explosive Power improves the availability of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so you feel real increases in strength and energy. You can improve your overall performance capacity, thanks to our Amino Patch Technology. Amino Explosive Power uses Arginine amino acids which help to give your body a sustained level of explosive power, perfect for sports involving maximum strength.

    Arginine Amino’s are used to make nitric oxide (NO) in the body. This higher level of NO dilates the blood vessels which leads to an increased blood supply to the treated muscles. The increased blood supply carries more oxygen and nutrients while strengthening the muscles, immune system and increasing energy levels. The vasodilating effect of Arginine also reduces the heart’s workload which increases cardiovascular performance.

    During intense training and competition, waste products like lactic acid and ammoniac can build up and decrease your performance. Muscles are also naturally broken down during exercise and proteins, which are built from groups of amino acids, play the vital role of building and repairing muscles.

    The benefit of using Amino acids in a cream is that you can feel them working almost instantly, they are being delivered into the bloodstream directly through the muscles rather than having to be ingested like tablets. Our cream enables precise application of Amino’s, directly to the most important muscles used in your sport.

    Tip: Combine Amino Ultra Endurance and Amino Explosive Power for combined strength and endurance sports.

    The Science

    The amino acids in Muc-Off’s formulas form the muscle’s building blocks. The process starts with proteins being processed by the body, which then enables the release of the amino acids, ensuring lactate accumulation is reduced, and muscle recovery and growth is improved during and after sport.

    Muc-Off is leading the way in processing the purest amino acids in a revolutionary product range that is applied directly onto skin. This is the new way to give your body with amino acids, precisely where you need them, straight to the desired muscles!

    Directly after application, a protective and breathable layer is formed on the surface of your skin. This unique skin application system enables amino acids to be quickly absorbed. When used in conjunction with the full Muc-Off Athlete Protection range, The Amino Arginine will provide the body with sustained explosive power while the other formula’s will aid endurance and recovery.

    The Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine at the University of Cologne helped to quantify Muc-Off’s new Amino Patch technology.

    The University tested 15 male ‘force’ trained athletes (either with Muc-Off Athlete protection or a placebo). Each volunteer performed twice, they were tested to determine maximal force and the respective repetition maximum at 80% of maximal force.

    It was found that over 70% of the testers using the amino acid creams increased performance. ‘Resistance against exhaustion was increased after using Muc-Off Amino treatments’.

    We then used the below formulas (Mayhem and Wathan) to calculate the results, these use different coefficients for different rep numbers:

    Mayhem and Wathan formulas indicated significant differences (V=2.24/2.52, G=.77). According to Mayhew, 11 of 14 volunteers increased performance with Muc-Off Amino Explosive Power. According to Wathan, 12 of 14 volunteers increased performance with Muc-Off Amino Explosive Power.
    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Diel, (Dept. Mol. and Cell. Sports Medicine German Sports University Cologne) said:

    “A mechanistic explanation could be a modulation of blood flow in the Muc-Off Amino Explosive Power treated muscles. Arginine is a substrate for the Nitric Oxide –synthase. If delivery of arginine over the skin is effective this could indeed result in an increased local arginine concentration, which could be converted to Nitric Oxide (NO). This results in an increased blood flow in the respective muscles, which increases resistance against exhaustion.”


    • The Amino Arginine helps to give your body sustained explosive power
    • Developed specifically to increase oxygen and nutrients, so you experience real increases in energy strength - for sports where explosive power is important
    • Featuring our ground breaking ‘Amino Patch Technology’
    • The Amino Arginine helps to give your body sustained explosive power
    • Increases muscle’s cell volume capacity, achieving greater muscle/protein synthesis
    • A non-toxic, skin friendly, plant derived natural formula
    • Does not interfere with the bodies digestive system

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