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Panaracer Tour Guard 700c Hybrid Tyre

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Please note: View 'Tyres Guide' below for ETRTO Sizing

Product Description

Ideal Use: Urban/Semi-Urban Commuting and Touring

Amazingly tough yet nimble urban/commute tyres from Panaracer, featuring:

  • Deep groove asymmetric tread pattern for maximum grip
  • Lightweight yet strong carcass for speed and cornering without compromise
  • Nylon Puncture breaker for toughened protection against punctures
  • Highly visible reflective band for night time visibility
  • Road, Hybrid and Mountain bike compatible
  • Weight: 510g to 790g

    Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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    Hybrid Bike Tyre Guide


    Hybrid Bike Tyre Guide

    Tyres make up a huge part of how a bike rides and are as important on a hybrid bike as they are on a road or mountain bike. When deciding which tyre is right for your hybrid bike it is important that you get one that’s the right size. You will also want to choose tyres that have the right tyre tread and levels of puncture protection for the kind of riding that you do.

    Tyre Size

    The size of a bike tyre can be shown in two different ways; traditional or ETRTO. Both use two numbers to show the wheel size that the tyre will fit and the width of the tyre. Traditional tyre sizing uses the wheel size followed by the tyre width while ETRTO uses tyre width followed by the wheel size. This can be confusing because these two systems measure the wheel rim differently.

    Example: 700 x 28c is the same size as 28-622

    two cyclists enjoying a ride

    Traditional and ETRTO tyre size table

    We recommend that you use the traditional method wherever possible as most of the tyres that we stock use this system. If your existing tyre only shows the ETRTO tyre size then you can use the table below to convert it to the traditional tyre size system.

    ETRTO Number

    Traditional Number

     700c wheels


     700 x 18C


     700 x 23C


     700 x 25C


     700 x 28C


     700 x 32C


     700 x 35C


     700 x 47C

     26" wheels


     26 x 1.9


     26 x 2.1


     26 x 2.2


     26 x 2.35

      27.5" / 650b wheels


     27.5 x 1.95


     27.5 x 2.1


     27.5 x 2.25

     29" wheels  


     29 x 2.0


     29 x 2.1


     29 x 2.2


    Tyre tread refers to the pattern on the top of the tyre. This affects the performance in terms of steering precision, grip on different surfaces. Tyres with a relatively smooth tread pattern will be fast rolling on smooth roads and cycle paths but won’t give you much grip off-road. If you want to ride gravel tracks as well as roads, then look for a tyre with a blocky tread pattern. These won’t be as fast as tyres with smooth tread but will allow you to ride on a greater variety of terrain.

    hybrid bike with reflective side wall tyres


    The rubber compound of the tyre makes up the characteristics of the tyre: how it rides, feels and performs. Softer compounds offer more grip but will wear quicker. Harder compounds last a little longer but don’t provide the same level of grip. More expensive tyres tend to have a softer rubber compound for greater performance. Tyres with dual or triple compounds have harder rubber in the centre for durability with softer rubber on the edges for improved cornering grip. Some, like Continental’s Black Chili compound, include additives which help balance both rolling resistance and grip.

    two cyclists enjoying a gentle ride

    Puncture Protection

    Puncture protection is built into many hybrid tyres and is a great way to avoid getting a flat. Many tyres have a layer beneath the tread that helps prevent punctures. There is a wide range to choose from with more expensive options either having a greater amount of protection or protection that weighs less. As with many cycling components, there’s a balance between levels of puncture protection and weight.

    urban cyclist turning a corner


    Many hybrid bike tyres have reflective sidewalls. This white strip around the edge of the tyre is made from reflective materials that make the wheel look like a glowing hoop when lit from the side at night. Reflective sidewalls are a great way to improve your side on visibility when cycling after dark.

    urban cyclist stopped by the road side talking on the phone

    Please note, all size information is provided as a guide - if you're unsure or need any further assistance you can call us on 01792 799508 ... we're happy to help!

    Tyres Guide

    What type of tyre do I need? 

    It’s best to choose a bike tyre based on the type of riding you’re going to be doing.  

    Road bike tyres 

    Road bike tyres are identified by a smooth tread pattern and narrow width for speed and efficiency.  

    Mountain bike tyres 

    MTB tyres are much wider with chunky tread for added grip on off-road conditions.  

    Hybrid/ commuter tyres 

    These tyres will often blend characteristics from road and MTB tyres with added puncture protection for daily durability.  

    Does tyre width matter?  

    Thin tyres are fastest as they have low rolling resistance and are more aerodynamically profiled.  

    Wide tyres are more comfortable and stable due to the increased contact patch with the ground.  

    How to check your current tyre size? 

    Take a look at the sidewall of your current tyres and you’ll see one or two sets of figures;

    One is the traditional size like 700x28c or 27.5x2.2.  

    The first figure is the tyre diameter (size). The second is tyre width. Note: road bike sizes are in mm, MTB sizes are in inches

    The other set of figures you may see is ETRTO sizing like this 28-622.

    The first number here is tyre width while the second number relates to wheel diameter.

    Here is a comparrison chart for traditional and ETRTO sizing to help you choose the correct tyre size.

    ETRTO Number Dimension
     700c road bike wheels
     18-622  700 x 18C
     23-622  700 x 23C
     25-622  700 x 25C
     28-622  700 x 28C
     32-622  700 x 32C
     37-622  700 x 35C
     47-622  700 x 47C
     26" mountain bike wheels
     50-559  26 x 1.9
     54-559  26 x 2.1
     55-559  26 x 2.2
     58-559  26 x 2.35
      27.5" (650b) mountain bike wheels
     50-584  27.5 x 1.95
     54-584  27.5 x 2.1
     57-584  27.5 x 2.25
     29" mountain bike wheels  
     50-622  29 x 2.0
     54-622  29 x 2.1
     55-622  29 x 2.2

    Will this tyre fit my wheel?   

    Your new tyre must be the same diameter as your current one (to fit your wheel rim).  

    Then, you need a choose a tyre which will fit your frame.  

    Road bike tyres are generally 21 – 28mm wide 

    MTB tyres can range from 1.5”-5” 

    To make things complicated road tyres are measured in mm, while MTB tyres are in inches.  

    How wide is too wide  

    You want to leave at least 4mm clearance between your frame and tyres to prevent rub and allow for mud clearance. 

    Measure the following areas on your frame: 

    Fork crown (top) 

    Brake calipers (make sure you squeeze them) 



    Subtract 4mm and you’ll have the maximum width your frame can handle.  

    What is the best type of tyre for daily riding? 

    If you’re commuting, riding and training daily you’ll want a tyre with some form of puncture resistance. 

    Puncture resistance often comes in the form of a harder or thicker rubber compound, or a protective layer running underneath the tread pattern.  

    What are tubeless tyres 

    Tubeless tyres do not have an inner tube. The tyre and rim of your wheel (you need a tubeless ready rim) create an airtight seal with the valve directly mounted on the rim. 

    You can run these tyres at lower pressures for an improved ride quality. A bigger contact with the ground means you have improved traction when cornering. 

    Tubeless tyres often come with liquid sealant that creates a seal that may heal itself on a small puncture so you can keep riding home.  

    Delivery & Guarantee

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    Returns & Warranty

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