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Product Description


  • A specially developed mask to give City cyclists with broad spectrum filtration against pollution.
  • Uses a Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth to filter the worst of urban pollution.
  • Includes two Techno valves to allow easier exhalation, which is particularly important as they release heat, water vapour and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Comes in two sizes, with a contoured shape for a snug and comfortable fit and Velcro pads for easy application.
  • Made from hypo-allergenic Neoprene giving a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The filter is replaceable, and is designed to remain fully effective for at least 1 month of normal daily use in the urban environment.

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

Mask Sizing

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Respro mask Size Chart









13 - 16 ST

11 - 13 ST

8 - 11 ST

6 - 8 ST

182 - 224 LB

154 - 182 LB

100 - 154 LB

80 - 100 LB

83 - 102 KG

70 - 82 KG

45 - 69 KG

35 - 45 KG

182 - 190 cm

6' - 6'3"





175 - 181 cm

5'9" - 5'11"

XL - L


L - M


165 - 174 cm

5'5" - 5'8"

XL - L

L - M



152 - 164 cm

5 - 5'4"


L - M






Please note, all size information is provided as a guide - if you're unsure or need any further assistance you can call us on 01792 799508 ... we're happy to help!

Protective Equipment Guide


Protective Equipment Guide

This category is where you will find all the items, you’ll need to protect your body when you cycle, apart from helmets and gloves which have their own categories. In this guide we’ll look at each of the different types of protection, what it’s good for and what to look for. Most items are designed for mountain biking apart from anti-pollution masks which are for urban cyclists.

Types of Protective Equipment

Knee pads

Knee pads are the most popular type of body protection because your knees are generally the first bit of your body to hit the ground in a crash. Worn by trail riders as well as gravity racers and free riders cycling knee pads are available in a range of styles that balance protection with freedom of movement. Getting the right fit is important so be sure to check the size guide before you buy.

mtb knee pads

Lightweight knee pads are best for trail riding as they are the easiest to pedal in. They will protect your knees from abrasions and small bumps. Heavy-duty pads with a hard shell or shock absorbing layer offer better protection but they may feel less comfortable on the climbs. Shock absorbing materials like D3O enable good freedom of movement with high levels of protection.

What to look for in knee pads:

  • Shock absorbing pad and abrasion resistant outer
  • Silicone gripers and/or straps to help keep the pad in place
  • Longer pads offer additional shin protection
  • Ventilation elements to help you stay cool as you ride
  • Size options that fit your legs measurements well

Elbow pads

While less popular than knee pads, elbow pads are a good choice for rides where you will be doing a lot of descending or when the terrain is particularly challenging. It’s worth slipping on elbow pads for bike park sessions and alpine summer holidays as well as muddy enduro races.

race face elbow pads

Just like knee pads, elbow pads offer different levels of protection. Heavy duty pads with a hard shell and thick shock absorbing layer offer the best impact protection. Lightweight pads offer good protection from abrasions and are more comfortable on long rides. Fit is important so be sure to check the size guide before you buy.

What to look for in elbow pads:

  • Shock absorbing pad and abrasion resistant layer
  • Silicone gripers to help keep the pad in place
  • Straps on heavy duty pads for extra security
  • Ventilation elements to help you stay cool as you ride
  • Size options that fit your arms measurements well

Body Armour

Body Armour offers comprehensive overall protection for the upper and lower body. Designed for gravity racing and freeriding, body armour is too cumbersome to do much pedalling in, so is usually reserved for days where there is an uplift. Body armour is available for the top or the bottom half of the body and will sometimes include elbow or knee pads. Ventilation for temperature management is an important consideration as body armour can become uncomfortably hot.

alpine stars body armour

As with all protective equipment it’s important to balance levels of protection with freedom of movement. Back protection is the most important aspect of body armour and is provided in a vest along with chest protection. Body armour shirts also include shoulder guards and sometimes elbow pads. For the lower body shorts offer hip protection while pants also include knee pads. While most MTB pads are unisex, women's specific body armour is designed to offer a comfortable fit for female body shapes.

What to look for in body armour:

  • Hard shell and/or shock absorbing pads
  • Protection has been CE tested and certified
  • Articulated construction
  • Stretch fabrics for a better fit
  • Ventilation elements

Neck Supports

Neck supports or neck braces are designed to work with full face helmets to prevent hyper extension of the neck in a crash. Mostly used by downhill racers and freeriders neck supports are more comfortable than they look. Neck braces should only be worn with full face helmets.

leat neck brace

Wrist, Shoulder and Ankle Supports

Supports and braces for wrists, shoulders and ankles are designed to help rehabilitation from injury. Injured joints can take time to regain strength and these supports allow you to ride while you are transitioning back to full fitness. They can also help reduce the chances of exacerbating the injury.

wrist support


Mountain bike goggles are a great way to protect your eyes from wind, dust and trail spray while descending. Goggles offer a wide field of view and fit snuggly to your face with foam padding for comfort. There are ventilation holes at the side to ensure airflow over the lens to prevent steaming up. Held in place by an elastic strap that goes around your helmet, goggles also help to keep your lid firmly in place when you are hard charging through rough terrain.

TLD rider wearing goggles

Different lenses are available, including clear, tinted and mirrored, to optimise your vision for different light conditions. Some goggles allow for easy lens changes and are supplied with spares. Replacement lenses are available for certain models. Pins at the side of the lens or goggle body allow tear off strips to be attached to ensure you can finish your race run with clear vision.

What to look for in Goggles:

  • Scratch and fog resistant lenses
  • Silicone coated strap to keep goggles in place
  • Multiple vents for improved air flow
  • Multi-layered foam padding for a better fit
  • Replacement lenses

Anti-Pollution Masks

Designed for urban cycling where air quality is less than perfect, anti-pollution masks filter the air you breath to remove particles before they reach your lungs. Activated charcoal filters remove harmful pollutants while sub-micron filters trap small particles like pollen and dust. Filters are designed to last at least one month when used daily and replacements are readily available. One-way valves allow air to escape easily when you breath out.

wearing a respro mask

Regular face masks are different from anti-pollution masks as they are designed to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses. Many cycling brands started producing them in 2020. Face masks don’t have one-way valves as they filter both the in and the out breath to protect others as well as the wearer.

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