XLC Single To 11 Speed Uni Chain Tool (TO-S81)

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Product Description

Key Features:
  • XLC Chain Rivet Remover TO-S81
  • With adjustable guide rail
  • Suitable with i. a. single speeed, 5-11-s.,
  • 3/32" - 3/16"

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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Home & Workshop Tools Guide


Home & Workshop Tools

Every cyclist needs tools, even if it is just a few Allen keys a chain tool and some tyre levers for general maintenance, it pays to have good quality tools available to you when needed.

The value of high-quality tools is second to none, the best will last you a lifetime and the worst will only give headaches. With so many standards, sizes and types of expensive bike components out there, it makes sense to care for those parts with high-quality dedicated bicycle tools.

Drivetrain tools

Bottom bracket tools

The bottom bracket houses the bearings and sometimes spindle allowing the cranks to spin freely. There are many different types in many different sizes to suit all of the bike and crank combinations available. To remove and fit a new bottom bracket a tool that is specific to that bottom bracket will be needed.


Shop Bottom bracket tools
bottom bracket tool

Cassette and freewheel tools

If the bike uses a screw-on freewheel, there are many different types available, each type needs it's own freewheel removal/install tool for that particular freewheel type. Cassette users will need a cassette tool to fit the lockring. Both freewheel and cassette removal/installation will also require a chain whip to fit/remove.


Shop Cassette and freewheel tools
Chain whip

Chain tools

When fitting a new chain, a chain tool is used to drive the pin out of the link to shorten or remove the old chain. Most modern chains will use a quick-link, to remove these there are dedicated, quick-link pliers. You might also wish to check your chain for wear, there are chain wear indicators that measure the stretch for you.


Shop Chain tools
Chain tool

Crank pullers

Some models of crank and bottom bracket use a type where the spindle is part of the bottom bracket. To remove this crank from the spindle you will need a crank puller. One part threads into the crank arm, then the back part of the tool screws though the front pushing against the spindle to remove the crank. There are a few sizes available, so please measure before purchase.


Shop Crank pullers
Crank puller

Pedal tools

A good quality pedal spanner with a long handle will last a lifetime and is a sound investment. There are also various pedal servicing parts to remove and install the necessary bearings and bushings that keep your pedals spinning freely. For those with workshop experience, there are also pedal thread tapping tools to cut new thread in crank arms.


Shop Pedal tools
pedal spanner

Wheel and brake tools

Cone spanners

The hubs on some wheels do not use sealed cartridge bearings, but instead, use traditional cup and cone bearings. To adjust the cone nut a spanner must be used, the spanner needs to be very thin to fit, much thinner than a regular spanner. These dedicated spanners are called cone spanners or cone wrenches.


Shop Cone spanners
cone spanners

Wheel and tyre tools

The humble tyre lever is an essential part of any cyclists toolbox, but they come in many different shapes and sizes. Very tough mountain bike tyres might need a long and sturdy tyre lever to fit, while others are small and can fit in a saddlebag for emergency use. There are also spoke keys and valve tools, along with parts and tools used for wheel building and truing.


Shop Wheel and tyre tools
tyre levers

Brake tools

Disc brakes depend on the rotor being straight and not being too worn to provide a good surface, there are tools to straighten the rotor and check for wear. There are also tools for the maintenance of brake levers and callipers. If using hydraulic brakes then the hose will need to be cut with a dedicated hose cutter.


Shop Brake tools
brake tools

Workshop tools

Alignment tools

For workshops or capable home mechanics, there is a range of alignment tools used to make sure the frame and fork of a bike are running straight and true. These specialised and dedicated tools are highly accurate and are vital to the job, allowing the bike to function as intended.


Shop Alignment tools
Alignment tools

Facing tools

Certain areas of a raw bicycle frame can come out of manufacture or painting with slightly less than perfect internal diameters. Areas like the head tube and bottom bracket shell need to be perfectly circular to give the bearings and cups a perfect interface. This process is known as facing, there is a range of facing tools available for different sizes and applications.


Shop Facing tools
Facing tools

Headset and fork tools

When fitting new forks for a threadless headset, the steerer will need to be cut, a crown race fitted and a star nut inserted, there are dedicated tools for each of these jobs. There are dedicated tools for other types of fork and headset. There are also tools for headset maintenance, fitting and removal of cups and bearings, covering all the sizes and types available.


Shop Headset and fork tools
headset and fork tools

Home mechanics

Allen keys

Allen keys are an essential tool for cyclists. Often the majority of maintenance and adjustment can be made with only Allen keys and a T25 Torx key. There are short sets available, or larger T-handle sets for working at home. As with any tool, it pays to get high quality. Maintenance is easier with high-quality tools, and for one that is used so often, you should treat yourself with good Allen keys and Torx keys.


Shop Allen keys
Allen keys

Cable cutters

When cutting brake or gear cables it is essential to get a clean cut first time, every time. If the cut is bad, or a second attempt is needed then the end will fray often meaning a ferrule cannot be added and in time the cable will unravel. With a good pair of snips, the ferrule can be added and the cable will last longer before needing to be replaced.


Shop Cable cutters
cable cutters


Just like Allen keys, Torx keys and cable cutters, a good quality screwdriver set will mean fewer headaches in the long run. A range of different sizes for both Phillips and flathead types will fit the screw precisely and mean less rounded heads. Using the right tool for the job is as important as having the right tool in the first place.


Shop Screwdrivers


A good range of tight-fitting, high-quality spanners is an evergreen part of any good toolbox. A well-fitting spanner will mean less rounded bolts and happier home maintenance. Adjustable spanners are also available for those one-off jobs.


Shop Spanners

Tool kits

Some of the big brands in the world of bike tooling now produce a toolbox packed with all of the essential high-quality tools needed for good maintenance. A bicycle tool kit is the best choice if you do not have any tools already, enabling you to work on your bike with the right tool for the job.


Shop Tool kits
Tool kit

Torque wrenches

There are many parts of a bicycle where the bolt must be tightened to a specific value. This value is measured in Newton-Meters and is a measurement of torque. These torque settings are both safety and functionally critical. To tighten a bolt to the required torque a torque wrench is needed. Once set to the value required, it will click to indicate not to tighten any further.


Shop Torque wrenches
Torque wrench


While not completely essential, all work done on a bike is much easier with a work stand. Elevating the bike to a comfortable secure position means you can work better and more efficiently on your bike. Giving access to both sides and being able to spin through the gears easily makes every job easier, faster and more accurate.


Shop Workstands

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