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The benchmark brand for GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, Garmin is an innovative brand whose name is synonymous with high-end cycle computers. Ask any cyclist how they track their rides and monitor their performance and most will simply reply “with my Garmin”.

Founded in 1983 Garmin first developed their navigation devices for marine use, but soon moved into handheld GPS receivers which proved to be very popular with runners, hill walkers, and mountain bikers. Today Garmin make a wide range of devices specifically designed for sports use, including swimming, running, sailing and golf as well as cycling and hiking.



With sensors for both the GPS and GONLAS (Russian Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite navigation systems alongside a barometric altimeter (to measure your altitude), Garmin computers and watches can accurately track your location across the globe. As well recording your route, Garmins offer turn by turn navigation, so you can easily follow a pre-planned course. Post ride you can upload all your ride data to Garmin Connect, as well as other apps including Strava, to review your ride and performance stats.

Performance tracking

Using ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, you can link a Garmin computer or watch to a whole array of other sensors, including heart rate monitors and power meters. This enables you to view performance metrics, like cadence and power output, in real time so you can ride to specific performance targets. Of course, all this data is recorded so you can analyse your performance post ride.

Garmin Cycle Technology

Software Features

As well as being compatible with popular fitness social networks like Strava, Garmin has several of their own software solutions. These are compatible with specific Garmin devices (including most cycle computers and activity trackers) and are designed to improve your activity experience.

Garmin Connect

Much like Strava, Garmin Connect uses a smartphone app which enables you to upload your activities and connect with other athletes. Designed to work seamlessly with your Garmin device, Garmin Connect is a great way to monitor all your activities including swimming and running as well as cycling. You can also download training plans to further improve your performance.

Garmin Connect App


A free software package for your computer, you can use BaseCamp™ to plan the route of your next adventure and then upload it to a compatible Garmin device. Using 2D or 3D maps you can trace your route and view elevation changes to help you estimate the difficulty of a run or cycle ride.

To help you to navigate, you can transfer satellite imagery to your device and seamlessly integrate them into your maps to get a true representation of your surroundings – great for scouting campsites. You can also geotag your own photos, associate them with specific waypoints and then share the route with family and friends, so they can navigate right to your favourite spots in future.

Garmin Base Camp

Live Segments

With certain Garmin models, you can even view your performance on specific ride segments in real time and see how you stack up on the leaderboard. Including alerts for segment starts and finishes this feature will help to keep you motivated and help you to push for continual performance improvements.


Allowing your friends and family follow your ride in real time, LiveTrack is a great way to share your location and ride stats. Using the connectivity of your smartphone, with Garmin Connect, you can invite your followers to view your race or training session as it happens.

Live Strava segments on Garmin Edge 520


Keep an eye on everyone in your group when you ride. GroupTrack allows you to view the LiveTrack connected riders in your group, as dots on the map on your Edge 820 device. You can even see if someone is stationary and how long they have been stopped for.

Garmin Edge®

Garmin Edge®

From recreational mountain bikers to the pro peloton, the Garmin Edge® is the go-to cycling computer for riders of all abilities in all disciplines. While all Garmin Edge® devices offer both GPS and GONLASS satellite positioning, with ANT+ connectivity, more advanced features are only available on specific devices.

Garmin Edge GPS Bike Computer
Compare Garmin Edge cycling computers

Compare Garmin Edge cycling computers

Edge 25 Edge Explore 820 Edge Explore 1000 Edge 520 Edge 820 Edge 1000
Unit size (mm) 40 x 42 x 17 49 x 73 x 21 58 x 112 x 20 49 x 73 x 21 73 x 49 x 21 58 x 112 x 2
Screen size (mm) 23 x 23 58.4 d 39 x 65 35 x 47 58.4 d 39 x 65
Touch Screen
ANT+ Sensor Compatibility
Training Calendar
ANT+ Gear Shifting Compatible
Round-trip Routing
Garmin Cycle Map
Live Tracking
Incident Detection
Connect IQ
Strava Live Segments

d = diagonal screen width

Activity monitors

Worn on the wrist, Garmin activity monitors like the Forerunner® and Vivo® are an increasingly popular alternative to a cycling computer. Ideal for multi-sport disciplines, like triathlon, activity monitors allow you to track your progress both on and off the bike.

With an array of built-in features, like a heart rate monitor and smartphone compatibility Garmin activity monitors are great for swimming, running and cycling. Smart and stylish enough for everyday wear an activity monitor is the best way to keep track of all your activities.

Varia™ Smart Bike devices

Applying their technology in innovative ways Garmin offer a range of smart devices designed to enhance your cycling experience and improve your safety on the road. These devices offer advanced features when paired with specific Edge devices but can also work as standalone units.

Smart lighting

The Varia™ Smart Lights automatically adjust the intensity and projection of your lights depending on your speed and light intensity.

Radar detection

The Varia™ Rearview Bike Radar detects traffic approaching behind you and allows you to track their progress from 140 meters. The rear light also adjusts its flash pattern to warn approaching vehicles.

Garmin Rearview Bike Radar Smart Bike Light

In-sight Display

The Varia™ Vision is a featherweight, hi-tech device that attaches to either side of your sunglasses and displays information from your computer right in your line of sight. This means that you can monitor your performance without having to take your eyes off the road.

Garmin Power Meters

Monitoring the power that you put down as you ride is one of the most useful metrics that keen cyclists and racers use to improve their performance. The Garmin Vector power meters measure your power at the place the force is applied, directly through the pedals. Easy to install these Look Keo compatible pedals connect with your cycle computer using ANT+ so they are incredibly easy to set up and use.

Garmin Power Meter