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Lubricate your chain

To keep your bike quiet and in good order, it's important to lube the chain.Do it as often as needed, but once a week after cleaning is a good place to start.

what you will need
  • You will need:
  • chain lube
  • cloth

warning icon

To get lube where it's needed, oil just the inside surface of the links. Oil on the outside will flick off, which is wasteful and messy.

tip chain diagram

Step 1

Get a friend to hold the rear wheel off the ground or clamp the bike in a workstand.

Position the bottle of lube so it is just touching the chain on the inside surface.

step 1 graphic

Step 2

Slowly turn the pedals forward while applying lube evenly to each link.

step 2 graphic

Step 3

Hold the rag under the chain and slowly turn the pedals forward again to wipe excess lube from the outer surface of the links.

step 3 graphic

Only use proper bike lubricant - generic oils won't work well and could damage your components.