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Attach/remove pedals

Attaching and removing your bike's pedals might seem a simple task, but without the right size tools and a bit of know-how, it can cause a surprising amount of difficulty.

what you will need
  • You will need:
  • Pedal spanner / 15mm spanner
  • Grease

warning icon

Pedals are opposite threaded - if you don't know this, you'll have a lot of trouble with your left-hand pedal

pedal thread diagram

Step 1

Unscrewing pedals might seem simple, but there is one crucial thing you need to know: pedals are opposite threaded - the right-hand pedal unscrews anticlockwise and the left-hand pedal unscrews clockwise.

step 1 graphic

Step 2

Place the pedal spanner around the flat section on the pedals and unscrew in the right direction. A longer-handled spanner will give you more leverage if they're stubborn.

step 2 graphic

Step 3

Identify the pedal you need - they are usually marked L and R. Apply a little grease to the threads, and finger tighten first to avoid cross-threading, before tightening firmly with the spanner.

step 3 grahic

To make sure you always tighten your pedals in the right direction, use this tip. Put the spanner on the pedal, then rather than turning the spanner, wind the crank backwards instead.