Fabric Line Shallow Elite Saddle

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Product Description

The Fabric Line Shallow Elite saddle uses a split, single piece, full-length pad with a central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. The Line is supremely comfortable for those longer days in the saddle.

Extended pressure on the pudendal artery can lead to discomfort and numbness. Fabric’s Line Shallow Elite saddle amply supports the sit bones with lightweight foam padding and relieves pressure through the addition of a central relief channel.

A unique manufacturing process bonds a waterproof microfiber cover and foam padding to a flexible nylon base. This results in a sleek looking, easy clean, performance saddle that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

The base of the Line performance saddle is durable and hardwearing yet built to flex in line with rider movement, ensuring comfort throughout the ride.

Review | 4.5 / 5

“A classic in the making thanks to its shape and performance.” - Road.cc

Key Features:

  • Rails: Cro-mo (7mm)
  • Base: Flexible nylon
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Profile: Shallow
  • Weight: 250g
  • Width: 134mm
  • Length: 270mm
  • Mid rail to saddle topper 45mm

Line Shallow Elite

  • ward-winning construction technique
  • Flexible base and soft foam
  • Full length pressure relief channel
  • Suitable for all cycling disciplines
  • Multiple ‘Best in Test’ winner

Expand your horizons

Explore even further afield with a saddle designed for big days out. Our Line saddle ditches the traditional hard, stretched cover for our ground-breaking three-piece bonded design. As well as this the Line has a full-length pressure relief channel, creating a saddle of supreme comfort, lightness and durability.

Increase your endurance

Go further for longer with the Line saddle. Based on our innovative Scoop saddle, the Line has a single, split piece of waterproof pad with a full-length central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. The Line is specifically designed for comfort on longer days in the saddle.

Innovative design

Our state-of-the-art Line saddle design builds in comfort to every ride. Our unique three-part construction strips away the compression and tension found in traditional hard, stretched-cover saddles. We do this by bonding a waterproof microfiber straight onto a flexible base, allowing us to use a softer foam, giving you added comfort, wherever you're headed.

Durable and flexible

Our unique saddle design not only gives you great comfort, but the bonded cover is super-easy to clean, with smooth lines, and superb durability.

Shallow is for everyone

The Shallow profile has a more rounded rear section and medium padding. This profile is for riders leaning forwards, in a more natural riding position; typically, the handlebars will be slightly lower than the saddle with the rider’s weight being split between the saddle and handlebars more evenly, requiring less padding on the saddle.

    Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

    Performance Saddles Guide


    Performance Saddles Guide

    Whether you cycle off-road or on tarmac, if you like long rides and pushing yourself on the bike then a performance saddle is what you need. Performance saddles come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The best saddle for you will depend on the style of riding you do as well as your flexibility and the shape of your body.

    There are lots of different saddles to choose from. Some are best for road cycling; others are best for mountain biking and some saddles will work well for either discipline. In this performance saddles guide we’ll look at body measurements, different types of saddle, and what to look for when you are choosing a new one.

    Things to know before you choose a saddle

    Before you buy a new saddle there are few things that you need to know about yourself, so you can choose one that’s right for you.

    Body position on the bike

    It’s good to know what your riding position is like when you are seated and pedalling as this will affect the type of saddle that will suit you best. When mountain biking, you will have a more upright position on the bike than when you are road riding. Road cyclists who are very flexible can achieve a very low tucked riding position while less flexible riders like to be more upright.

    cycle body position angle

    Sit bone width

    Everyone’s body is different, and it’s the distance between your two sit bones that make the most difference to your comfort in the saddle. Women tend to have wider sit bones than men - which is why women’s specific saddles are wider – but there are a lot of individual differences too.

    sit bone width

    How to measure your sit bones

    Finding your correct sit bone width is easy, and you can do it at home. 

    All you need is a flat bench or seat, something to rest your feet on, a piece of cardboard, some chalk and a tape measure. Check out our video to see what you need to do.

    Your optimum saddle width will be 20 – 25mm wider than your sit bone width.


    What saddle shape is right for you?

    Once you know your riding position and your sit bone width you can consider the shape of performance saddle that suits you and your bike, so you can ride more comfortably.

    Mountain bike or sports hybrid bike

    When riding in a relatively upright position you’ll need a little more support, so a wider saddle will be best. A curved saddle shape with an upturned rear and dropped nose is the most popular shape for mountain bikers.

    Look for a saddle that is 20mm wider than your optimal saddle width (40 - 45 mm wider then yout sit bone width).


    mountain biker

    Endurance road bike

    On a road bike with relatively high handlebars - tall head tube and/or spacers under the stem - you will still need some support but less than on a mountain bike. A slightly wider saddle with a curved shape is ideal.

    Look for a saddle that is 10mm wider than your optimal saddle width (30 - 35 mm wider then yout sit bone width).

    riding a giant defy

    Road race bike

    When you are riding in a flat backed race position, you’ll have less weight on your sit bones and more on your arms and legs. A narrow flat saddle shape is best for a race position.

    Look for a saddle that’s the same width as your optimal saddle width measurement (20 - 25 mm wider then yout sit bone width).

    riding a giant tcr

    Saddle features to look for

    As well as width and shape there are a few saddle features to look out for that can make a difference to your performance on the bike. There is a big difference in the price of saddles and while a more expensive model will be lighter it might not be more comfortable.


    The rails are the part of the saddle that attaches to the seatpost. Most performance saddles use steel alloys like cromo which are reasonably lightweight and flex a little for comfort. More expensive saddles use titanium or carbon rails. Titanium is very lightweight and offers a similar comfortable flex to steel. Carbon is the lightest but is also very stiff, so some riders find them a bit harsh. Carbon railed saddles aren’t compatible with all seatposts as the rails are a different shape.


    Most saddle bags are designed to attach to the twin rails of the saddle as well as the seatpost. Some saddles, like the SDG I-Beam, have a single rail. These tend to be very lightweight and stiff but require a matching brand specific seatpost adn arn't compatible with saddle bags.


    The shell is the hard base that forms the basic shape of the saddle and how much it will flex. Most saddle shells are made from plastic or fibre-reinforced polymer while higher-end options have a carbon shell. The advantage of carbon is that it is lighter and will absorb some road vibrations.

    The specific model of a saddle will have the same shape whether it has a plastic or carbon shell – a basic Specialized Power saddle will have the same shape as the S-Works Power model.

    specialized saddle shell


    The padding sits on top of the shell to provide comfort. While thick, soft padding may seem like the most comfortable option, too much padding will compress under your sit bones as you ride and can end up putting more pressure on surrounding soft tissue areas. Many saddle manufacturers use pressure mapping to get the right amount of padding in the right places.

    ergon saddle padding

    Generally speaking, a more upright riding position will benefit from a little more padding while a more tucked riding position requires a little less. Some road riders are even happy with bare carbon saddles. While these are certainly not for everyone, they highlight the importance of finding a saddle that’s the correct size and shape.


    The cover is the outermost layer of the saddle. Traditionally this would be leather but synthetic covers are more common as thery are weaather proof. Covers need to be hard wearing but should also be smooth enough to avoid rubbing, seams should be away from the areas where your legs may rub.

    Mountain bike specific saddles may have a textured surface for extra grip in muddy conditions and reinforced side panels to resist damage if you lay the bike down in a crash.

    red saddle

    Grooves, channels and cutouts

    Many saddles have pressure relieving grooves, channels or cut out sections in the middle of the seat. This is to relieve soft tissue pressure and to improve blood flow in that region. If you are experiencing numbness while riding a saddle with a cutout or groove in the centre is worth considering.

    saddle cut out

    The width of the cutout will make a difference and is another area that will be informed by your sit bone measurement. Lady’s specific saddles often have a wider cutout or a deeper channel but the ideal for both men and women is a personal thing.

    Extra features

    Some saddles have extra features like reinforced corners to prevent damage when you lay the bike down or stand it up against a wall. Other features include elastomers between the rails and shell, and mounting points for rear lights and saddle bags. These features may be useful but only if the size and shape of the saddle is right for you.

    saddle bag mount

    Women’s Specific Saddles

    As we’ve mentioned before women tend to have wider sit bones to men, the average difference is about 10mm. Women also tend to sit a little further back on the saddle. This is why women’s specific saddles are wider at the rear and a little shorter at the front compared to a unisex saddle. As well as personal experience your sit bone measurement will help you decide if a unisex or women’s specific saddle is best for you.

    specialized womens saddle

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