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Product ID: 43257

Gusset Squire SS Tensioner

Price: £26.99
Squire SS Tensioner image 0
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Price: £26.99
3.5 out of 5
Average from 3 customer reviews
Fitted this on my old steel framed voodoo bizango 26 incher with no problems. Running 32:18 at the moment and am able to get a good fit regarding chain length so the chain device is being used in the “push up” orientation. Been on a few rides on various terrain and weather conditions and it’s held the tension perfectly, no slipping or anything untoward. Worth bearing in mind that you will need a 19mm cone spanner to adjust the spring tension. I couldn’t find one for sale, so adapted/butchered an old cone spanner with an angle grinder. Works fine.
Anonymous, 4 years ago