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Halo Aerotrack 700c Front Road Wheel

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Product Description

Aerotrack 700c Wheels

  • Using the outstanding Halo (120mm width) track hubs and built using 32 plain 14 gauge spokes combined with the Halo Aerotrack Mid size Aero road rim.
  • Light and strong with an attractive mid size 27mm Aero section.

One front and many rear options.


  • Front - 900g
  • Rear - 956g

Aerotrack Fix-G Wheels:

  • Featuring Halo's ever popular Aerotrack 700c rims laced to the Fix-G HG-splined fixed hub.
  • Innovation meets reliability in the form of these 700c, 120mm spaced rear wheels.
  • Available in White powder coated, Silver or Black, with Fix-G/Freewheel or Fix-G/Fixed hub options.

Halo Fix-G Track Hub:
  • An ever present headache with normal fixed hubs is the assembly of a drive cog that is attached by a thread being pulled in both directions by the pedal torque. Of course, the traditional solution to avoiding the cog unwinding itself from the hub in the reverse direction is a left hand threaded lock-ring, butted up tight against the cog. But, as many riders have found out, this historic system can be relatively volatile.

Halo thought... there has to be a better way:
  • A splined hub body (with cogs that slide on) and an independent lock-ring that never has to handle rotational forces from the drive.

Halo Fix-G hub:
  • The Halo Fix-G hub features a fixed HG spline, machined as part of the alloy main hub body*, with a conventional internal thread for a standard HG type lock-ring (with easy tool fittings). Options available for the left hand side include conventional fixed or freewheel threads.

*Note: Must ONLY ever be used with 7mm base 'Wide Foot' cogs such as Gusset 'Double Six' cogs to avoid the cog biting into the alloy splines on the hub. Regular width HG cogs should NEVER be used.

Halo Fix-G advantages:

  • Easy and secure fixing & servicing.
  • Adjustable chain-line.
  • Twin cog option (can run 2 cogs together.)
  • Accepts from 12T + cogs (for compact gearing).
  • No need for chain-whip tools.

Tech features:

  • Hi-polish custom CNC machined hub shell,
  • HG type fixed spline.
  • Japanese sealed bearings.
  • Hollow M10 Cr-Mo axle.
  • 120mm spacing.
  • 22mm "Large cone-faces" to avoid damage to frame. 
  • includes cog spacers and alloy lock-ring.
  • Front Axle Thread 9x1.
  • Rear Axle Thread 10x1.
  • Laser logo. 32H, 36H or 48H
  • HG Fixed/Fixed or HG Fixed/Freewheel types.

"The Fix-g hub is great! it runs smoothly as the previous Halo hub but the fact that you can move the sprocket for a perfect chain-line is great and you can feel the difference straight away. Also, it's really easy to do, everyone can do it without a mechanic's help, I think you should advertise this and make it clear for everyone, people don't have to be scared of a new technology"

Ivan Fiorilla - 5th Floor riding club - London. The5thfloor.co.uk

Important note regarding threads for fixed sprocket lock-rings:
  • Our hubs must only be used with ISO standard 1.29" x 24TPi L/H fixed cog lock-rings.
  • Do NOT USE French (1.32" x 24TPi) or Italian (33 x 1mm) standard lock-rings.
  • The larger diameter French and Italian lock-rings may appear to work but will strip the threads from the ISO hub.

Note: General Fixed sprocket check.
  • For correct fixed use, the fixed sprocket should NEVER move on the hub when pedal force is applied in both directions. If the sprocket moves, then something is wrong and continued use with a fixedsprocket that moves will result in damage to the hub.

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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Road Bike Wheel Guide


Road Wheel Guide

Road Bike Wheels

Whether you are upgrading or replacing, a new set of wheels is the best way to improve the performance of your road bike. Lighter wheels will enable you to accelerate quicker and climb faster, stiffer wheels will improve cornering stability while aero wheels reduce drag, so you can slice through the air faster.

With different types of road bike wheel available, not all road bike wheels will be compatible with your bike. In this road bike wheel guide, we will look at the different wheel options to help you choose the perfect new 700c wheelset for your bike.

Types of wheel

Traditional rim brake wheels

Wheels that are designed for rim brake are the traditional road bike wheels. These wheels are easily identified by the flat braking surface on the edge of the rim. This is usually a different colour and/or texture to the rest of the rim. Traditional rim brake wheels have a 100mm wide front hub and a 130mm wide rear hub. These wheels are all compatible with QR or quick release road bike axle skewers.

A race bike with traditional rim brake wheels

Disc brake wheels

Disc brake wheels don’t need a braking track, so the rim has a continuous profile. Instead disc brake wheels have special hubs that the discs are mounted on. There are two types of mounting for disc rotors: six bolt wheel hubs have, as the name suggests, six holes that the disc bolts into, centre lock hubs have a ridged spindle that the disc slots into. While the front hub is the same width on both disc and rim brake wheels, the rear hub is wider at 135mm or 142mm for thru axle wheels.

Two road bikes equipped with disc brakes and compatible wheels

Thru axles

While some disc brake wheels use traditional quick release skewers, many disc brake wheels use wider bolt-through (thru) axles. Thru axles improve the stiffness of the bike which is especially important for disc brakes as the braking forces are applied much closer to the axle. Thru axles on road bikes are usually 12mm in diameter with a rear hub width of 142mm. Quick release and thru axles are not compatible with each other, so it is important that you choose the correct type for your bike.

Clincher, tubeless and tubular

Most road bike wheels are clinchers. This means that the tyre grips the inside edge of the rim for a secure attachment when inflated. Traditional clinchers require an inner tube to stay inflated. Tubeless wheels are very similar to traditional clinchers but have an airtight seal over the spoke holes with a valve attached to the rim for inflating the tyre. Tubeless sealant is then added to the tyre to improve the airtight seal as well as automatically repairing punctures. Tubeless wheels can be used with regular inner tubes by simply removing the valve and sealant then fitting an inner tube. Tubular wheels are different and use special tyres that have an inner tube built in. These are the tyres that most pro riders use, but as the tyre is glued to the rim they are not practical for general cycling.

A road bike with clincher wheels

Free hub compatibility

The free hub is the part of the rear wheel that holds the cassette. There are two basic types on road bikes: HG (Hyper Glide) free hubs are the most common and are compatible with both Shimano and SRAM drivetrains, Capagnolo free hubs are only compatible with Campagnolo drivetrains. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule however: some gravel bikes, with one-by drivetrains, use mountain bike style XD cassettes, and some top-of-the range groupsets may also be different.

The free hub is the part of the rear wheel that holds the cassette.

Lightweight vs durability

Lightweight wheels are the best for climbing, but are still built strong enough for fast descending. Aero wheels, with deep section rims are a little heavier but slice through the air more efficiently so are best for rides that don’t have too many climbs. If you ride on rough surfaces then a more durable, endurance or cyclocross wheelset will give you a more confident feel and will last longer.

Lightweight wheels are best for climbing

Axles, rim tape and tubeless sealant

When you choose your new wheels, don't forget the extras you might need to go with them. If everything's compatible, you can of course re-use your existing QR skewers or bolt-through axles, but you might want to upgrade at the same time. Not all wheels come with rim tape to line the wheels with, so you might need to buy this as well. If you are upgrading to tubeless wheels, then you will need to buy tubeless sealant along with tubeless compatible tyres. Most tubeless wheels are supplied with valves and are ready taped.

Disc brake compatible wheel with thru axle

Delivery & Guarantee

UK Delivery Information

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Covid-19 Update

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Returns & Warranty

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