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Product ID: 210125

KMC 7/8 Speed EPT Missing Link

From £3.99 RRP: £4.99
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From £3.99 RRP: £4.99
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I've been using Missing Link for some time. Very neat idea. So easy to remove and refit. Saves all that messing around with pin extractors, especially important if you ride a lot on gritty abrasive surfaces (crushed rock track, sand) and need to remove the chain quite often to clean it thoroughly. Sure, you can use a chain bath but sometimes the chain needs to come right off so that both it and the cassette can be thoroughly cleaned. That way you can properly check chain wear and look out for cassette tooth damage. Missing Link is perfectly safe but you do need to follow the instructions and replace after 3 removals / replacements.
David A., 3 years ago