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Product ID: 225857

Miche XM45 29" Disc Wheelset

Price: £209.99
XM45 29" Disc Wheelset image 0
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Normally despatched in 4-6 working days
Price: £209.99
5 out of 5
Average from 1 customer reviews
Excellent quality wheels, arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Unfortunately they were advertised as the 6 bolt disc fitting. When they arrived they had the newer centre spline fitting. Although initially the response wasn’t entirely appropriate the mistake was identified by the technical dept and resolved easily. They were also able to suggest a shimano adapter (which I didn’t know existed) but by this point I had already repackaged and sent back. This process was remarkably simple and easy via the Asda system, And free of charge. The customer services team are super busy atm with increased demand so expect a little delay. Very helpful if you can remain patient.
Adrian K., 4 years ago