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OnGuard Pitbull Mini DT Shackle Lock with Cable - Diamond Sold Secure Rating

Price: £39.99 RRP: £49.99
Pitbull Mini DT Shackle Lock with Cable - Diamond Sold Secure Rating image 0
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Price: £39.99 RRP: £49.99
4.5 out of 5
Average from 10 customer reviews
I bought this lock in November 2014 from Tredz and have used it ever since. It's a fantastic lock. Though I leave my bike outside every night, it has never been tampered with. I can't attest to how well it would resist an attempt but I think it certainly puts off any would-be thieves. The length is perfect, and only very very seldom I struggle to attach it to something secure. The shorted the lock - such as this - the better it's able to withstand attacks. The bracket is very secure once properly attached and the means by which you attach and release the lock from the bracket is very quick and easy. The keys fit into the barrel in either direction for convenience and the action is nice and smooth. After about 2 years of being left out every night, the locking mechanism began to get a little stiff but was quickly remedied by using some graphite powder. The bracket also showed signs of stress when I went to transfer it to a new bike after 3 years but Onguard quickly sent me out a new bracket totally free of charge. I can't recommend this lock enough and the company that produces it. Excellent all around. I can't comment on the cable element as I've never had to use it but if it's anything like the actual lock then it'll fantastic.
Anonymous, 6 years ago