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Product Description

We developed the Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) to fix damaged tires faster, easier and better than existing plug tools. While traditional tire plugs try to wedge rubber strips into a puncture, the DART creates a chemical reaction with your Stan’s sealant to quickly form a permanent airtight bond. 

The DART’s patent pending ability to react with latex sealant makes it more effective than traditional tire plugs, but we didn’t stop there. To create the best repair for tubeless tires possible, we made sure every detail was right. Traditional plug tools were originally developed for car tires, and their long, sharp tips can cause damage to rim tape, or cut hands. Even worse, their plugs can actually expand many punctures because they rely on a tight fit to hold them in place. In contrast, the DART’s plastic tip is barbed to anchor firmly in place and stay put during even the most aggressive riding while being safer for rims, rim tape, and your hands. The material of the DART is also more flexible, and its laser-cut shape is optimized to contour to the shape of different punctures, maximizing surface area to increase the sealing reaction. Because the DART anchors to your tire and creates an instant bond with your sealant, it also won’t pull out while riding the way a conventional plug can. One of the best features of the DART’s design is that it doesn’t require trimming once inserted, and excess material won’t get in the way of your ride. DARTs can’t be felt while riding, even on road tires, and they wear smooth naturally.

The DART Tool is designed to be extremely light, durable and easy to fit into pockets and packs, while offering an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and allows precise DART placement. The DART Tool’s handle includes a built-in valve core remover, making it easy to add sealant. The tool is made of an ultra-strong but light molded plastic. Because even the small details are important, the rod that presses DARTs into punctures is made of ultralight, corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong carbon. The length of the rod is specifically calibrated to let you insert DARTs to the perfect depth every time, just by pressing until the head of the DART Tool contacts your tire. No more damage to rim or rim tape during a fast repair. The head of the DART Tool is double-sided and reversible, allowing it to hold two sealed DARTs on each side. This makes it possible to install two DARTs quickly when sealing the largest slices and punctures and even multiple punctures. Clear thread-on caps protect the stored DARTS, keeping them clean and ready to use, while being easy to see through to ensure you have a fresh DART ready for a repair, and quick to unthread for fast deployment. It all fits together in a compact tool that easily fits in any pocket or pack.

Key Features:

  • Repairs large punctures and slices.
  • Reacts with Stan’s sealant to form an instant, airtight seal
  • Barbed plastic tip anchors into tire and will not pull out when riding
  • Flexible material and laser-cut shape conforms to puncture and bonds with sealant
  • Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tires
  • Lightweight, compact tool fits the shape of your hand for more precise use and includes built-in valve core remover
  • Includes two pre-loaded DARTs for sealing multiple and larger punctures
  • Clear caps keep DARTs clean and unthread quickly for fast deployment
  • Simple and easy to refill

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

Trail Tools Guide


Trail Tool Guide

Trail tools are an essential item to all cyclists, whether you are riding the trails or cruising the tarmac, every cyclist needs tools with them to repair, maintain and sometimes to lend to friends who forgot their own! A good multi-tool will have everything you need for your bike, add in a repair kit and you'll be able to keep rolling along all day.


A multi-tool is a small and compact swiss army knife style collection of tools that allow to work on your bike. They range in size from the most simple collection of Allen keys to those that include absolutely everything packed into a small package. Usually, more tools does mean a little more weight, but you'll be glad you have what you need for every eventuality.

The best multi-tools will include a good range of Allen keys, Torx keys, screwdrivers, a chain tool, spoke keys and even a tyre lever. Some more comprehensive versions include things like a bottle opener or a chain hook.

Trail tool

The best will also come with some sort of case, like a neoprene cover or a metal sheath that the tools fit into. This protects the tool from water and muck while helping to stop any annoying rattles or sharp exposed edges that might damage things like a spare inner tube.


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Multi tool

Repair Kits

Along with a multi-tool and any other spares you should carry a repair kit with you on your rides. Tyre and inner tube repair kits can come in a few different styles, but all will repair a puncture. For those that ride with inner tubes, it is best to carry a puncture repair kit as well as a spare tube, after all, you might have a second flat and puncture your spare, it will need patching to keep you rolling.

Most inner tube repair kits will include the patches themselves, often with different sizes and a small patch of sandpaper to prepare the tube for the included glue and patch. Some will even include some chalk to mark the area and some tyre levers to remove and install the tyre after repairing the tube.

Puncture repair kit

Tubeless punctures can be repaired by plugging the hole in the tyre that the sealant cannot seal. A tubeless repair kit will consist of some plugs, that are strips of sticky rubber. Sometimes these plugs are known as bacon strips or slugs. The strip is fed halfway through the forked end of the tool and then pushed into the hole on the tyre, holding the excess and swiftly removing the tool leaves the plug in place and fixes the puncture. Any excess can then be trimmed off.


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Tubeless repair kit

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