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Topeak Ratchet Rocket Multi Tool

Price: £31.99 RRP: £37.99
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Price: £31.99 RRP: £37.99
3.5 out of 5
Average from 2 customer reviews
It is incredibly well made and nice to use. This includes the case. My only issue is that the 3mm hex, which is required for doing anything to many brands of the increasingly popular mechanical disc breaks, would necesitate a thinner stem to the hex 'bit' than is provided. The hex 'bit' becomes fat too quickly approaching the part of the bit that goes into the 3/8 inch ratchet socket and is thus too fat to fit down fit down the barrel-like surround to the disc break adjuster. I have thus had to go to wilkos and buy a standalone Allen key set, and attach thr relevant key to the ratchet rocket case. It did make me wonder if I should have kept with the lighter, cheaper and probably quicker option of just packing the standalone components in the first place! If topeak were to change their 'bit' mold, I'd happily give this 10/10 as a slightly unnecessary, but beautifully miniaturized piece of kit.
Anonymous, 6 years ago