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Product ID: 15698

Topeak TriBag

From £8.49 RRP: £31.99
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From £8.49 RRP: £31.99
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4.5 out of 5
Average from 6 customer reviews
This product is perfect for a small to large smart phone, plus a short bike chain lock in the side pocket at a squeeze. The bottom straps are a perfect length for even a chunkier frame and the front one is a good length with an elasticated on the opposite side to the velcro, so you get a secure, but cushioned phone pouch and confidence your stuff won't fly out at pace or over rough terrain. The cover secures the contents (a phone in my case) securely in place with strong velcro and a broad soft side, twice as wide as the prickly side, for maximum adjustment. Unlike some bottle holders I've had on the sides of backpacks, where the mesh is weak and frays quickly before creating a hole, the mesh of the cover is good quality tnd shouldn't split with normal usage. Although, mine does look different to the picture here.... I have a mesh cover and 2 straps underneath, so I've either been sent the wrong product or a newer\older version.
Ben C., 11 months ago