Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review 

  • Price Range: £3.99 - From £84.00
  • Discipline: Commuter cycling
  • Usage: Ideal for low-light conditions
  • Weather resistant
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for multi-season riding
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Built in rechargeable LED
  • Collection includes complete outfit

Updated: 10th August 2017


Endura’s Luminite cycle clothing range is the Scottish brand’s answer to cycling in low light conditions, when the weather is less than favourable. Since those are the conditions commuters are faced with most days when they cycle to work, Endura have their work cut out for them!

As it happens, Endura’s cycling clothing ranges are (by no mistake) home to some of the most technically advanced materials in the cycle clothing world, which makes them perfectly suited to the challenge of producing highly water resistant, durable and breathable clothing, with added reflectivity to help keep you safe on your ride.

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review


Full body visibility & weather resistance

The complete Endura Luminite range comprises of jackets, a gilet, tights (with & without bib straps), trousers, socks, overshoes, gloves, a helmet & helmet cover, and a backpack cover. In essence, if there’s an area of your body exposed to the elements while you ride, there’s a Luminite item that will cover it.

Although Luminite clothing is suitable for wet weather riding, its use isn’t restricted to the winter months alone. There are no fewer than seven Endura Luminite jackets for men & women, spanning a range of budgets & materials, from the lightweight & packable Endura Lumijak to the multi-purpose Endura Luminite 4-in-1 jacket with removable insulation.

From the packable Lumijak, to the multi-purpose Luminite 4-in-1 jacket, the Endura Luminite range is suitable for all-season cycling.

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review


High tech multi-layer technology

Not only do Endura manufacture the bulk of their products in the UK, they take a strong ethical stance on the welfare of workers abroad too.

While cycling in the rain, keeping warm & dry without getting hot & sweaty is no easy feat. The Endura Luminite jackets & overtrousers are rated to 10,000mm waterproofness and 10,000g breathability. To put that into perspective, a thermal jacket with those ratings may also be suitable for high-intensity skiing or snowboarding.

The most heavily featured raw material used for Endura’s fabrics is Polyester, but more importantly is how Endura uses it. Polyester is strong, durable, flexible, and naturally hydrophobic, and within the different layers of the Fabric, Endura have exploited all of these properties in different ways.

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review

Special Features

LED enhanced visibility

The not-so-secret feature built in to Endura’s Luminite clothing is the rear-facing LED. Found in most of the Luminite jackets, the helmet, helmet cover and backpack cover, this LED works to ensure other road users can see where you are, giving them a much clearer indication of your size and position on the road than they might get from a bike-mounted light alone.

It’s rechargeable, can be easily removed for washing, and the LED units themselves are interchangable from one LED equipped Luminite garment to another. If your LED’s run flat, or you forget to reattach them after a wash, fear not. In addition to the LED equipped products, every item of Endura Luminite clothing features multiple reflective patterns to give 360 degrees of reflectivity, so you can be seen from any angle.

Endura’s rear-facing Luminite LED’s are rechargeable, and can be removed for machine washing.

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range Review

Best for

Low-light & poor weather commutes

Thanks to Endura’s research into advanced fabrics, with a little ingenuity thrown in in the form of the LED enhancements, the Endura Luminite cycle clothing range is a fantastically well-executed collection to suit those who cycle in less-than-ideal conditions.

Highly breathable yet water-resistant fabrics do a fantastic job of keeping you dry and comfortable as you ride. Because Endura have produced their Luminite range in a number of styles, you can wear your Luminite gear for your commute at any time of year, be it in the warm summer or cold winter months.

Luminite tights and overshoes Luminite helmet with rear light
Luminite jacket lining Luminite jacket with integrated rear light
Luminite jacket with waterproof coating Luminite range being worn at night

Endura Luminite Cycle Clothing Range