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Product Description

The front mudguard that will keep your feet happy! Mounts in seconds on basically any bike, regardless of frame size or cables. The long downward reach make sure it's busy were it really counts. 

Universal fit
The attachment of the SPEED MULLET is done in seconds with a single 2-in-1 velcro strap. Big fat carbon frame or thin steel frame doesn't matter. The design of the folds makes sure that correct angle is achieved every time on every bike.
Cable management
What puts the SPEED MULLET above the rest is the cable routing feature. Utilizing two shallow channels to let the cables pass between the frame and mudguard, it's compatible with the majority of existing cable combinations.

Use it anywhere
Wether you are dodging traffic in a wet downtown rush hour or grinding the endless gravel in the rain, the SPEED MULLET is your new haircut.

  • Keeps your feet dry on wet roads
  • Universal fit for all bike types
  • Cable routing friendly
  • Mounts in seconds, without tools
  • Suitable for 23-42 mm tires

Key Features:

  • Technical data
  • Measures: 390x113 mm 
  • Weight: 30 g 
  • Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)

Stabilizer tabs
The attachment features two tabs that folds in underneath the velcro strap. They provide stability so that the SPEED MULLET holds it's position even under rough conditions. They also make sure that the right angle is achieved, regardless if you have a thin steel frame or a fat carbon frame.

Cable Management
Thanks to three silicone bumpers and the specific routing of the strap, two channels are formed between the frame and the mudguard. This enable the SPEED MULLET to work flawlessly with downtube mounted cables. If your cables are without cable housing they will run freely in the channels without scratching your frame and with no impact on your shifting. 

EXCEPTION! For safety reasons the SPEED MULLET should not be used in connection with uncovered cables for the rear brake. This is not very common but if your bike has mechanical disc brakes, please make sure your downtube brake cable has housing before using SPEED MULLET.

Mounting position
To give your feet the best protection, make sure to fold the outer edges of the SPEED MULLET at almost 90 degrees so that they are facing forward and place the mudguard as close to the wheel as possible while still maintaining clearance for steering. If you are looking for maximum drivetrain protection, fold the outer edges just slightly and place the SPEED MULLET further down, closer to the chainring. 

Important check
Just for safety, please check for steering clearance and brake function before each ride.

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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Front Mudguard Guide


Front Mudguard Guide

Why use mudguards?

Front mudguards keep the dirt away from your face so you can ride without distraction. Bike mudguards help keep you dry in the wetter months while also protecting your bike from mud, grit and spray. Riding with a mudguard can dramatically cut down any maintenance needed for your bike through the winter.

While full-length mudguard sets are the prefered option for road and hybrid riders, mountain bikers will use one of the many fork-mounted front mudguard options to keep the crud at bay. Rear mudguards are also available for all types of bikes, including full-suspension mountain bikes.

What type of front mudguard will fit my bike?

For commuters, road riders and general cyclists, a full-length mudguard is best. Full-length mudguards need attachment points, usually only found on rigid forks, though some suspension forks on hybrid bikes have the necessary attachment points. Full-length mudguards are available as a set of both front and rear. For more information, please see our mudguard guide.

The majority of individual front mudguards are for use on mountain bikes. Mountain bike suspension forks rarely have any eyelets for traditional full-length mudguards. A short but effective mudguard mounted to the fork arch will keep the worst away from your face and will not snag on any rocks, steps or other trail features. This style of front mudguard is usually mounted by Velcro or zip ties meaning if you take a tumble, they should break away before damaging something more expensive.

Full-length mudguard Full-length mudguards require mounting points
Mountain bike style using zip ties Mountain bike style using zip ties

Basic front mudguards

There is a large range of basic front mudguards available. These mudguards come as a flat piece of thin plastic that is then bent to shape under the arch of the fork and held in place with some zip ties or Velcro strips.

While not giving full coverage, they do keep the spray away from your eyes and protect the delicate seals of a suspension fork from grit and grime. Many companies manufacture this style of mudguard, some even use recycled plastics. They are inexpensive, very light, easy to fit and are compatible with most forks found on mountain bikes, hybrid and gravel bikes.

MTB front mudguard

Longer Fork Mounted options

In recent years a new style of front mudguard has been available. This type is longer and provides more coverage than a basic mudguard. Fitting similarly to a basic mudguard, they are held in place with zip ties or Velcro straps. This longer type is more sturdy in its construction and material, though still flexible and designed to break away before damaging your forks in a crash.

This longer type deflects spray down and away from the riders face and upper torso. Some have a lip on the very front that catches any spray that would be flung forward off the tyre. While these are a little heavier than a basic mudguard, the extra coverage is worth the weight penalty.

Mudhugger front mudguard

Bolt-on Mudguards

Most modern mountain bike suspension forks from the likes of Rock Shox, Fox, DVO, and Ohlins have threaded holes in the back of the fork arch. There is now a range of bolt-on front mudguards that bolt directly to the fork bridge. The main advantage is rattle-free use, and with no zip ties, it removes the risk of rubbing the paintwork of your forks.

The mudguard design is very similar to the longer front-mounted options listed above, but they do not use zip ties or velcro straps to attach. Please check the description of the mudguard for compatible forks. Some fork and mudguard combinations also require an additional adaptor plate for bolt-on use.

Bolt on MTB mudguard

Downtube Mudguards

Downtube mudguards have been around for quite a few years. Popularised by Crudcatcher in the early '90s, they are a simple solution for keeping mud and grime away from your face and upper body. Attaching to the bottom of the downtube using rubber bands or straps, they are easy to install and compatible with almost any bike that has a traditional triangular frame shape.

While they are easy to install, widely compatible, light and inexpensive, they have a downside of only being effective when the tyre is directly in line with the mudguard. Once you turn the front wheel, there is no more protection. A downtube mudguard can be used in conjunction with other styles for additional protection.

Downtube crudcatcher mudguard

Steerer tube Mudguards

Steerer mounted front mudguards have an expanding bung to secure the mudguard to the bike. The bung is inserted inside the steerer tube from underneath the fork crown. Tightening the bolt expands the bung to hold the mudguard in place. This style of mudguard is easy to fit and compatible with most bikes that use suspension forks.

A steerer mounted mudguard is great for leisure cyclists though mountain bikers might not find it as secure on very rough terrain as other types. Care needs to be taken when selecting the mudguard for your bike. Please measure the internal diameter of your fork steerer and check against the product description to ensure compatibility.

Steerer mounted front mudguard


Mountain bike with a downtube guard

Front mudguards are essential to keep riding through the winter. The main purpose is to minimise the risk of getting any spray, dirt or grime in your eyes while riding. Basic mudguards are easy to fit and inexpensive, while more expensive options provide better coverage and protection for the rider and the bike.

Your bike will thank you and your winter clothing will last longer. Commuters will find mudguards essential, and mountain bikers will find it easier to keep warm and dry through the most extreme conditions.

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