ONeal Trail FR Carbon Look Knee Guards

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable
  • Full-length knee and shin coverage for maximum protection
  • Plastic shell in Carbon-Look with mesh-inserts for improved airflow and ventilation
  • Perforated foam on sides, top, and bottom of guards deliver added protection and airflow while reducing weight
  • 3 elastic hook and loop straps provide a secure and snug fit while riding
  • Ergonomic shaping, around the calf muscles and knees, for the perfect balance of fit and comfort
  • Certified according to regulation (EU) 2016/425

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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Oneal Size Guide

Oneal Knee Protection Size Guide

AMX Knee

Size S M L XL Allowance
Top Width 17,5 19 20 21 +/-1,0
Bottom width 16 17 18 19 +/-1,0
Total Length 29,5 29,5 30 30 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 28 30 32 34 +/-0,5
Bottom Strap length 14 16 18 20 +/-0,5
Zipper 22,5 22,5 23 23 +/-0,5

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL Allowance
Top Width 17,5 18,5 19,5 21,0 +/-0,5
Bottom width 16,0 17,0 18,0 19,5 +/-0,5
Total Length 31,5 32 32 32,5 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 33,5 35,5 37,5 39,5 +/-1
Bottom Strap length 31,5 33,5 35,5 37,5 +/-1

Unit: cm


Size S/M L/XL Allowance
Top Width 13 14,5 +/-0,5
Bottom width 11,5 13 +/-0,5
Total Length 21 22 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 27 30 +/-1

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL XXL Allowance
Total Length 37 37 37 37,5 37,5 +/-0,5
Top Width 14,75 16 17,25 18,5 29,75 +/-0,5
Bottom width 12,25 13 13,75 14,5 15,25 +/-0,5

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL Allowance
Top Width 15 16 17 18 +/-0,5
Bottom width 12 13 14 15 +/-0,5
Strap Length 9,2 9,2 11 11 +/-0,5
Total Length 28,5 28,5 29 29 +/-0,5

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL
Top Width 16,5 17,5 18,5 19,5
Bottom width 14,5 15,5 16,5 17,5
Length 35 35 36,5 36,5

Unit: cm

Park Knee

Size XS S M L XL XXL Allowance
Total Length 47 47 48 54 55 56 +/-0,5
Total width 20 20 20 22 23 24 +/-0,5
Top Strap length (incl. TPR) 47 49 53 53,5 59,5 62,5 +/-0,5
Middle Strap length (incl. TPR) 30 32 34 36 38 40 +/-1
Bottom Strap length (incl. TPR) 30 31 34 34 36 38 +/-1

Unit: cm

Peewee Knee

Size XS/SM MD/LG Allowance
Top Strap length 19 21 +/-0,5
Bottom Strap length (incl. TPR) 20 22 +/-0,5
Total Length 26 31 +/-0,5
Top Width 18,5 22 +/-0,5

Unit: cm

Pro II Knee Adult

Size One Size Allowance
Total Length 36 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 44 +/-1
Bottom Strap length 41 +/-1

Unit: cm

Pro II Knee Youth

Size One Size Allowance
Total Length 30,5 +/-0,5
Strap Length 40 +/-1

Unit: cm


Size One Size Allowance
Total Length 41,5 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 35,5 +/-1
Bottom Strap length 29,5 +/-1

Unit: cm

Pumpgun MX Knee Adult

Size One Size Allowance
Total Length 38,5 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 57,5 +/-1
Middle Strap length 55,5 +/-1
Bottom Strap length 53,5 +/-1

Unit: cm

Pumpgun MX Knee Youth

Size One Size Allowance
Total Length 33 +/-0,5
Top Strap length 49,5 +/-1
Bottom Strap length 49,5 +/-1

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL Allowance
Top Width 18,5 19,5 21 22 +/-0,5
Bottom width 16,5 17,5 18,5 19,5 +/-0,5
Total Length 31,5 32 32,5 33 +/-0,5
Top Strap length (incl. TPR) 33,5 35,5 39,5 39,5 +/-0,5
Bottom Strap length (incl. TPR) 33,5 35,5 37,5 37,5 +/-0,5

Unit: cm


Size S M L XL Allowance
Top Width 36 38 41 43 +/-1
Bottom width 32 34 36 38 +/-1
Total Length 31,5 32 32,5 33 +/-0,5
Top Strap length (incl. TPR) 33,5 35,5 37,5 39,5 +/-0,5
Bottom Strap length (incl. TPR) 29,5 31,5 33,5 35,5 +/-0,5
Zipper 29 29 29 30 +/-0,5

Unit: cm


Size S/M L/XL XXL Allowance
Top Strap length 41 43 45 +/-0,8
Middle Strap length 44 46 48 +/-0,8
Bottom Strap length 38 40 42 +/-0,8
Total Length 53,5 53,5 56 +/-0,8
Top Width 19 20 21,5 +/-0,6

Unit: cm


Size S/M L/XL Allowance
Total Length 46 46 +/-1,0
Top Strap Length (including TPR) 39,5 41 +/-1,0
Bottom Strap Length (including TPR) 29,5 35,5 +/-1,0

Unit: cm

Trail Knee

Size XS S M L XL XXL Allowance
Top Strap length (incl. TPR) 46 48 50 52 54 56 +/-1
Middle Strap length (incl. TPR) 36 38 40 42 44 46 +/-1
Bottom Strap length (incl. TPR) 37 38 39 40 41 42 +/-1
Total Length 42,5 42,5 42,5 46,5 46,5 46,5 +/-0,5
Total width 20,5 20,5 20,5 22 22 22 +/-0,5

Unit: cm

Please note, all size information is provided as a guide - if you're unsure or need any further assistance you can call us on 01792 799508 ... we're happy to help!

Knee Pads Guide


Knee Pads Guide

Falling off is all part of the fun when you are mountain biking. Of course, you don’t want to hurt yourself, so wearing some protection is always a good idea. After a helmet, kneepads are probably the most important bit of protective equipment you can wear. This is because, if you do fall, your knee will likely be the first part of you to hit the ground.

Kneepads come in many shapes and sizes but can be split into two basic types: heavy duty knee pads offer the best protection levels while lightweight kneepads are more comfortable.

Types of Knee Pad

Heavy-duty knee pads

If you want the best protection for your knees, then heavy-duty knee pads are whet you need. These have a substantial protective layer around the kneecap that protects from impacts as well as abrasions. While a hard shell combined with a shock absorbing pad is the traditional way of offering high levels of protection there are also softer options that deliver similar impact performance.

A downhill mountain biker wearing Fox Launch knee pads

Shock absorbing materials that mould to your leg shape and allow you to move freely make the pad more comfortable. D3O and VPD compounds do this while offering high levels of protection. Some heavy-duty knee pads borrow technology from the motorcycle market. Look for pads certified to the EN 1621-1 standard to be sure that you are getting the best levels of protection for your knees.

Some of these knee pads also have padding around the side of the knee. This offers extra protection that is especially useful if you bash your knee on the top tube of your bike. Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit to keep the pad in place when you hit the ground.

Lightweight kneepads

With only a thin protective layer around the knee, lightweight kneepads offer protection from abrasions rather than impacts. This means that the pads are much less substantial making them more comfortable, especially when you are pedalling. Lightweight pads also tend to be better ventilated and tend to keep you cooler as you ride.

An enduro mountain biker wearing lightweight knee pads

Some lightweight kneepads offer a little more impact protection than others. Look out for D3O padding or an EN 1621-1 rating for impact protection. Keeping things light these pads don’t tend to have straps to keep them in place. This makes them more likely to move after an initial impact.

Which pads do I need?

While heavy-duty kneepads are aimed at gravity riders and lightweight ones for trail riders, there is a lot of crossover. Many trail riders will opt for more protection while some gravity enduro riders like to keep things minimal.

When choosing a knee pad the things you need to know are: how much protection you want, and how much comfort you’d like. If you want the most comfort with some abrasion protection, then a minimal lightweight kneepad is all you need. If on the other hand you want to reduce the chances of a painful injury and don’t mind riding with a little restriction around your knees, then a heavy-duty pad is what you want.


Another key comfort aspect to consider is ventilation, especially for summer riding. Look for breathable materials, perforated padding and open backs that allow more airflow around your knees. This will allow sweat to evaporate to keep your knees cooler and drier.

Knee pads with holes in the shell offer the best ventilation making them especially good for long mid-summer trail rides.

Knee pads with ventilated padding for better airflow around the knees

Shin Protection

As well as offering protection for your knees some knee pads also protect your shins. These pads are longer and extend down your calf and shin. Most of these pads only cover the top part of your shin. This is to guard against pedals strikes when you slip your foot off, which is the most common way of injuring your shin.

Both lightweight and heavy-duty shin guards are available with extra shin protection.

Ion knee pads that are extended to cover the shin


Getting the right fit is key. If the knee pad is too small, then it will be uncomfortable and if it’s too big it will move around as you ride. Adjustable straps help to adapt the pad to your individual leg shape but there is no substitute for getting the correct size.

To choose the right knee pad size you’ll need find out your leg size. First measure your calf at the widest point (a) then your thigh about 10cm above your knee (b). Now you can compare your measurements to the manufacturers size chart to get the perfect fit.

How to measure for knee pads

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