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Product ID: 205885

Panaracer Gravelking Slick 700c Folding Tyre

Price: £35.99   RRP: £44.99
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Price: £35.99   RRP: £44.99
3 out of 5
Average from 5 customer reviews
So important to match your tyres correctly with your usage. I wouldn't really say these are off road tyres although I'm sure they'd be good on hard pack, crushed limestone and the like. But for me these are winter road tyres, perfect for giving you confidence on mud and muck strewn country roads (and main roads come to that!). Our roads in the UK are so terrible these days that the time for slick, hard, high speed road tyres is only a few months in the year. The rest of the time, you should be using these! They minimise the inevitable speed compromise that you get with a bigger tyre with tread, yet give you a huge advantage in terms of grip, comfort and confidence. Also, the advantages of tubeless just seem to become greater the bigger the tyre. These actually feel better overall than my tubeless 25s on my summer bike. I expect they may not last as long as others, but they look barely used after the first 2 months of riding every day in crap conditions. I've had one puncture from a big chunk of glass that would have gone through any tyre but I plugged it and it runs perfectly as if it's not even there so I've not even bothered to fix the plug! Overall a brilliant tyre and not in the silly money ball park cost wise like the GP5000s.
Andrew P., 3 years ago

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