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Product ID: 108460

Specialized Hover Alloy Handlebars - 15mm Rise Plus Flare

Price: £55.00
Hover Alloy Handlebars - 15mm Rise Plus Flare image 0
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Price: £55.00
5 out of 5
Average from 2 customer reviews
Bars are very nicely made and provide exactly what they advertise, ie. a 1.5 cm rise. Tops are flatenned/ovalised and very good to hold. Otherwise a 'traditional' shallow drop bar. Ps. if you're looking at this type of bar, look also at the Ritchey WCS Ergomax bar. These only have a 1cm rise with a little flare too but are even more nicely finished (and a little more expensive) and to my mind even more comfortable.
Michael M., 3 years ago