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Bike Helmet Guide

How to choose the best helmet for you

A bike helmet is the most important bike accessory you'll own. Whilst it's not against the law to ride without one, we highly recommend you do. Wearing a tough helmet can be the difference between a bump on the head and a concussion – or worse.

If you have been unfortunate to have 'used' your helmet in an accident then you should replace it, as any cracks and dents will compromise durability.

Every bike helmet we sell meets the required European Standard (EN 1078) for safety. The you spend on a helmet the lighter, more comfortable, better vented and easier to adjust it will be. Premium helmets will offer specific features such as aero profiling to improve performance.

What type of helmet do I need

road bike helmets

Road Helmets

Road bike helmets are lightweight and come with plenty of venting to keep you cool when you’re pounding the tarmac.

High-end road helmets come with slick aero profiling to minimise drag and improve your performance.

mtb helmet

MTB Helmets

Mountain bike helmets are more durable with a thicker shell design and come with good venting. You’ll find extended protection around the side and rear of your head for maximum protection.

Most MTB lids come with a removable visor to protect against glare and debris.

full face helmets

Full Face Helmets

Full Face helmets offer the ultimate protection for downhill mounting biking. A chin guard helps to keep your lower face shielded.

skate helmets

Skate Helmets

Skate helmets come with minimal venting in favour of a hardshell design offering side and rear protection. These stylish helmets are great for the skatepark or pump track.

urban helmets

Urban Helmets

Urban helmets blend features from road and MTB helmets with added visibility for safety. Urban helmets with integrated LED lights and reflective logos are ideal for commuting.

How do I get the right size helmet?

First, it’s best to measure the circumference of your head so you have a better idea of the right size you need.

1. Place a tape measure in the centre of your forehead

2. Wrap around your head just above your ears

3. Make sure the tape crosses the occipital bone (bump at the back of your head)

Helmet sizing

Not all brands follow the same sizing on their products. However, you can use our helmet size chart as a good guideline.

If you’re between sizes it is generally recommended to opt for the smaller as it’ll be snug and offer a more secure fit.

Head size

Small – 51 – 57cm
Medium – 54 – 60cm
Large – 57 – 63cm

Sizing is for guidance only. Sizing may be different between brands & products.

measure your head size

Should I get a helmet with MIPS?

MIPS is a fairly new technology designed to improve safety in a crash. A low friction layer is inserted into the helmet which moves around during rotational impacts. 

This movement absorbs and slows energy between transferred to your head to reduce the risk of brain injury. This is a feature we expect will trickle into more and more helmets.

What is Crash Replacement?

Many manufacturers will offer a Crash Replacement policy. If you’re helmet has been involved with a crash, you can buy a replacement at a reduced rate. Often crash replacement is available if your helmet is up to 3 years old and you’re a UK resident.

Check with the manufacturer or supplier of your helmet to see if you’re eligible for a discount.

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