A road cyclist pumping up tyres with a track pump A road cyclist pumping up tyres with a track pump

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At Tredz, we're big bike believers. Big time. We're real cyclists with a real passion for cycling. Sharing our passion, our know-how and expertise, it's in our DNA and we're here to help you, ride. Below, you'll find just a few our of cyclists who work at Tredz, sharing their top 10 cycling essentials, to help you get in the saddle and get out there.

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Jack Recommends

I have been on a bike as long as I can remember. Cycling is a huge part of my life and daily routine. Whether I am commuting, riding with friends, or competing, you’ll find me using some specific essential products to maximize my riding experience.

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Owen Recommends

Since riding from such a young age, I've built up my selection of 'go-to's'. Whether I'm Enduro racing or taking on some big mountain Alpine bike-packing adventures, these selections are my absolute essentials that help me out on whatever terrain I'm riding on.

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Ian Recommends

Regardless of if it's dark, cold, winter mornings or hot, sweaty turbo sessions… these are my cycling essentials. Whether it's for comfort, performance or recovery these all form part of my cycling journey. Some of these may be seen as desirables but once they become part of your arsenal you won't want to ride without them.

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Jasmine Recommends

Whether it's training or racing in the UK or abroad, these are my essential cycling products. Each product is tried and tested and helps to ensure my training is the best it can be no matter what conditions I'm faced with.

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