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BMC - Swiss, Premium, Performance Cycling

Intricate Swiss engineering is a given when you’re talking about BMC Switzerland. This premium approach to bikes goes back to 1994, when they began in Grenchen, Switzerland, where they're still housed today. With just 120 employees and three global offices, you could be surprised at the extent of their innovation.

Their in-house Impec Lab is the beating heart of BMC research and development thanks to some of the brightest minds in the industry keeping them at the cutting edge of design.

After extensive development, the BMC collection naturally becomes the choice of the world’s top athletes, who go on to win such races as the Tour de France, Team Time Trials, World Championships of various disciplines, and numerous Ironman Championships.

The sport of cycling is evolving at a breakneck speed – and they're at the front of the bunch, pushing the pace.


The Swiss know their mountains. This small central European country owes a lot to its topography. A romantic explanation for its evolution, these very mountains influenced the birth of its independence and shaped the lifestyle of its people and culture, creating a highly diverse yet very diplomatic landscape. Peaks and valleys are virtually unavoidable, but for a bicycle manufacturer like BMC they provide the canvas for their dreams. They don’t see those rocky summits as insurmountable but as mere obstacles, and they’re on a perpetual hunt for the best ways to overcome them – with pride, precision, and quality engineering.

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Hero Ranges

A road cyclist taking a corner at speed on the BMC Timemachine

Time Machine Road

You’re not looking for any ordinary bike. You’re looking for the fastest bike ever. With perfected aero geometry and class-leading integration, the Timemachine ROAD ushers in a new era of speed.


Two cyclists riding through forest trails on the BMC Unrestricted


Gravel riding has become truly enmeshed in the psyche of cyclists, but BMC couldn’t add their bikes to the cast without being 100% confident that it would take the leading role. Enter URS. Probably the only bear you’ll ever want to meet, URS likes to roam UnReStricted, so nurture its wild side. The super lightweight, race-ready frame and capable build come together with textbook BMC precision, cutting-edge integration, and scrupulously developed Gravel+ geometry. No grizzliness, just good times.


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