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Great gift ideas for kids

Inspire a love of cycling for life with one of these great cycling gifts for kids. With bikes for all ages and the kit they’ll need, you can be sure they’ll love their new hobby and be safe riding. Sit back, relax and find their perfect present here.

Balance Bikes

The ideal way to get your littlest ones into the world of cycling, balance bikes provide an easy way to learn the essential skills of cycling. Check out our wide selection and surprise your kid with the gift of cycling.

Shop Balance Bikes From
Shop Balance Bikes From

Bikes for Kids

From a young age, kids already know how fun riding a bike can be. Get your kids the coolest gift you can with a new bike!

Shop by Age

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Shop Kids Bikes From

Bikes for Juniors

It’s hard to beat getting a new bike as a present, so why not make your kid the happiest with a new bike from our wide and fantastic selection?

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Shop Junior Bikes From

BMX Bikes

Tough, nimble and fun! BMX bikes are made for tricks and stunts.

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Shop BMX Bikes From

Helmets for kids

An absolute essential item for cycling, helmets make riding bike safe. Get a comfortable and stylish helmet to protect your kids when they’re riding.

Kids Cycle Clothing

Looking the part can be half the fun. Kids cycle clothing can also make for a more enjoyable experience, as comfort can make cycling more fun. Check out our wide range of clothing for young cyclists.