Brompton Bikes Guide

Brompton Bikes Guide

Bromptons are the iconic folding bike. The basic design is the same on all bikes but there are many different options to choose from within the Brompton folding bike range. Unlike most other bikes sizing is based on seatpost and handlebar type rather than frame size. This guide will help you to choose the right Brompton bike for you.

New names. Same great bikes.

Brompton folding bikes have been renamed to make choosing the right one a little easier. Each bike is listed with a name that shows its line, model and specification option.

For example:
Brompton C Line Explore with Rack High Handlebar, previously known as the H6R:
C Line - steel frame, mudguards, and folding pedals.
Explore model - 6-speed gearing and pump.
Options - high handlebar, and luggage rack.

See below for more information on the Bromton lines, models and options.

Brompton C line decals


Brompton A line

A Line

The most basic Brompton folding bike.

A Line bikes features a steel Brompton frame with standard pedals and no mudguards.

Brompton C Line

C Line

The core of the Brompton range.

C Line bikes feature a standard Brompton steel frame, have folding pedals and come with mudguards ready fitted.

Brompton P Line

P Line

The lightweight transformation

P-Line bikes feature titanium rear frame & fork, with next level componentry, and weigh 1.85Kg less than an equivalent C-Line bike.


The C Line has three different model options. Each model has the standard features of its line but is intended for slightly different cycling environments with gearing to match.

Woman sitting with a Brompton folded


Everything you need. Nothing you don’t

Ideal for cities
2-speed gears (C-Line) for flatter rides

Brompton in a station


Everthing in one hub

Robust all-rounder, ready for the day-to-day
Ideal for cities and some hills
3-speed gearing

Two riders on Bromptons cycling country lanes


Go anywhere. Do anything.

Designed for longer rides
Covers all contours, pump included
6-speed gears for hillier rides



There are three different handlebar options for Bromptons.

S Type Handlebars

Low - a flat handlebar that offers a sporty riding position. Shorter riders will find this option offers a regular riding position while taller riders will feel more tucked.
Handlebar height is 924mm.

M Type Handlebars

Mid - a riser handlebar that offers a medium-upright cycling position. For most riders the Mid handlebar gives you that classic relaxed Brompton feel.
Handlebar height is 1015mm.

H Type Handlebars

High- a riser handlebar with a high stem that offers a more upright cycling position. Taller riders will find this position relaxed. For others this High handlebar version offers a similar feel to a Dutch bike with minimum pressure on the hands and wrists.
Handlebar height is 1072mm.

Rear Rack

A rear luggage rack is available as an option too. This enables you to carry luggage over the rear wheel

Brompton rear luggage rack

The Folding Bike

Brompton set the bench mark that all other folding bike brands have tried to match, but no bike folds up as easily as a Brompton. With just four steps you can easily fold a Brompton in just 20 seconds. Once folded the bike is easy to carry. It’s nice and small too (585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide) so you can easily store it under your desk at work or in a cupboard at home.

Brompton folding bike annimation

Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric is the ultimate electric folding e bike. Smart, fast, and reliable way to get around and explore your city. Designed for comfortable riding and featuring an intelligent pedal assist that gives you that extra push when you need it, it is for all cyclists, whether it's helping you fly up hills or easing those longer journeys to and from work.

Just like the all-pedal-powered version, a Brompton Electric folds up to a third of its size, and when folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package, a little larger than its wheels.

Brompton folding bike annimation

Accessories and components


Bromptons have a variety of ingenious luggage carrying solutions. As well as a rear luggage rack, the optional front carrier block allows you to carry up to 10Kg of luggage. This mounts onto the headtube rather than the handle bar so the added weight doesn’t affect the stability and handling of the bike. Brompton luggage is practical, stylish and made to last.

Brompton have a variety of luggage options. Either mounted to the headtube or to a rear luggage rack.

Other Brompton Accessories

As well as luggage, Brompton have a range of accessories designed specifically for their folding bikes. These include Cateye light sets with Brompton specific mounts, luggage mounting blocks, racks, mudguards, saddles and seatposts as well as spare parts.

Guy on a brompton looking stylish