Gtech e bike Range Review

Gtech E Bike Review



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£82.92/month (0% APR)

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  • Lightweight for an e bike
  • Powerful hub drive motor
  • Carbon belt drive
  • Only one frame size
  • White is the only colour option
  • Single-speed only


Electric Bike


Leisure and Commuting


16.5Kg (36 lbs) *

If you want to fall in love with cycling again Gtech electric bikes are a great place to start.

Updated: 16th December 2019


More than just another vacuum cleaner brand, Gtech have taken a truly innovative approach to the e bike. We look at both the City and Sport models in our Gtech electric bike review. These easy to ride pedal assist cycles offer an affordable way boost to your natural pedalling power, so you can ride further with less effort.

Gtech have designed their ebikes to make cycling as simple and easy as possible. Being single-speed there are no gears to worry about, it is the powerful rear hub drive motor that helps you up the hills. The battery is very easy to charge and includes an LCD display that shows you the remaining battery capacity.

*Gtech Sport 20” tested, with pedals

Gtech Sport electric bike


Two frame designs to choose from

There are two different frames to choose from. The Sport model is the one featured here. It has an upright but sporty riding position that is both efficient and comfortable. The City model has a slightly more upright riding position with a low step frame design that makes getting on and off the bike a little easier.

Each model is only available in one size but a quick release seatpost offers a wide range of adjustment to accommodate riders of different heights. The Sport has a 20” frame which is a medium to large size that will fit most men and taller women. The City has a 17” frame size which is a small to medium size that will be ideal for most female cyclists as well as shorter males.

Both bikes have frames and forks made from high-quality aluminium alloy which helps keep things lightweight. The classic lines of these Gtech bikes hide some high-tech features like the split rear stays on the drive side that allows for the use of a clean belt drive instead of a chain.

Alongside the other testers we clocked significant miles on the test bike without a hiccup, and as a result wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as one of the best value e-bikes on the market right now.
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Gtech Sport electric bike battery detail

Drive Tech

Powerful pedal assistance

All you need to do is pedal and the Gtech e bike adds to your natural pedalling power. The effect is most noticeable on the hills which will seem much flatter than on a normal bike. It’s also much easier when setting off. The Gtech feels like just riding a normal bike only much easier.

There are two different power modes which work in a different way to most e bikes. The power boost is the same, but each mode offers support up to a different speed before your natural pedalling power takes over. Eco mode boosts you up to 8 miles an hour and allows you to ride between 20 and 30 miles. Max mode assists you all the way up to the legal limit of 15 miles per hour. This reduces the range to 10 – 15 miles. You can easily switch between the modes with a simple touch of a button.

The battery pack has a built-in display that shows you which power mode you are in as well as the remaining battery capacity. The battery locks on to the bike and is easily removed for charging. The battery slots into a very neat charging station and a full charge takes just 3 hours from flat.

The first thing to note about the motor is that it feels pretty powerful. Hub motors vary in their output and this one feels more sprightly than many, continuing to provide good assistance even pushing the relatively big single gear uphill.

Gtech Sport electric bike carbon belt drive and motor


Clean carbon belt drive

Like a normal bike, except you feel like you're incredibly good at cycling.
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There are no gears to worry about on the Gtech, it’s a single speed design and the motor will help you up the hills. Instead of a chain there is a carbon belt drive. As well as being much cleaner than a chain this belt drive is virtually maintenance free.

V-brakes are simple and effective, you get plenty of stopping power in dry conditions but they’re not as powerful as disc brakes in the wet. A quick release seat clamp makes it easy to adjust the bike to fit and the saddle is comfortable. The ergonomic grips that make your hands feel more comfortable on the handlebars are a nice touch.

Gtech Sport electric bike wheels


Puncture protection tyres

All the Gtech bikes have 700c road bike wheels that are fast rolling and efficient. These are the same type of wheels that you find on most hybrid bikes and mean that you can ride efficiently even when you are not using the motor power.

The wide 38c tyres give you a bit of cushioning on rough road surfaces. These e bike approved tyres have a puncture protection layer built in for reliable running. Reflective side walls really enhance your visibility on the road in low light conditions.

At last, a sensibly priced e-bike that performs well and doesn’t intimidate those who aren’t into bikes, the Gtech deserves huge success.        Bike Radar

Gtech Sport electric bike

Best for

Easy cycling

Clean, simple and efficient the Gtech Sport and City electric bikes are designed to make cycling easy. Compared to other e bikes the Gtech's are lightweight which makes them easier to transport as well as being easier to pedal without the motor. The battery is very easy to remove, and the neat charging station is a real highlight.

With a powerful pedal assist motor to help you along you can enjoy cycling without the sweat and ride up the hills without struggling. If you want to fall in love with cycling again a Gtech is a great place to start.

Gtech Sport electric bike carbon belt drive and motor Gtech Sport electric bike rear tyre
Gtech Sport electric bike handlebars Gtech Sport electric bike battery in charging cradle
Gtech Sport electric bike belt drive Gtech Sport electric bike v-brakes

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