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Specialized Turbo Creo SL

Scott Lumen eRide 

Based on the race proven Spark with the innovative TQ motor, the Scott Lumen eRide is one of the lightest e-bikes available. It's a World Championship winning XC bike, with a motor.

Read Review | 16th November  2023

Specialized Turbo Creo SL

Specialized Turbo Creo SL 2 

Featuring Specialized's SL 1.2 motor the Turbo Creo SL 2 is a supremely capable lightweight gravel e-bike for exploring new cycling horizons.

Read Review | 14th November  2023


Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL  

The Specialized Kenevo SL featuring a lightweight Turbo SL 1.2 pedal assist motor is a bike that can take on everything from challenging bike parks laps to big days out on natural mountain trails.

Read Review | 7th November 2023

Specialized Turbo Levo SL

Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon

Featuring SRAM’s Powertrain integrated e-bike ecosystem the Nukeproof Megawatt Carbon is a hard-hitting e-MTB for riding the most challenging trails.

Read Review | 2nd October 2023

Specialized Turbo Levo SL

Specialized Turbo Levo SL

The original Levo SL Specialized set a new electric bike benchmark. This second-generation model is more powerful and takes lightweight eMTB performance to the next level.

Read Review | 4th May 2023

Marin Rift Zone E

Marin Rift Zone E

The Marin Rift Zone E is an electric mountain bike that will allow you to ride the trails all day long. Ride further, faster and even have more fun.

Read Review | 17th April 2023

Orbea Gain Range Review

Orbea Gain

An electric bike that is designed to enhance your ride rather than dominate it, the Orbea Gain is for those who want the feel of a regular bike.

Read Review | 19th January 2023

Specialized Turbo Levo e-bike

Specialized Turbo Levo 

The Specialized Turbo Levo is a potent blend of chassis, suspension, geometry and motor assist that adds up to an incredible trail riding experience. It is the liveliest, most nimble, full-power eMTB ever.

Read Review | 14th December 2021

Brompton Electric Bike

Brompton Electric

Effortlessly fly up hills and arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to get on with your day.

Read Review | 13th December 2021

Orbea Rise

Orbea Rise

Less e, more bike. The Rise is a new lightweight ebike designed to expand your trail riding experience and bring you closer to the moment.

Read Review | 2nd December 2021

Pendleton Somerby E

Pendleton Somerby E 

The Somerby E combines a comfortable upright cycling position with a powerful electric pedal assist motor for easy cycling adventures.

Read Review | 26th August 2021

Specialized Turbo Como SL e-bike

Specialized Turbo Como SL 

The  Como SL is a comfortable easy to ride e bike that is ready to carry you and your luggage effortlessly across town and beyond. This low-maintenance joy machine is equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun.

Read Review | 31st March 2021

Specialized Turbo Vado SL e-bike

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 

A sporty urban e bike the Turbo Vado SL offers unbeatable range, power and ride quality with a weight that’s light enough to carry.

Read Review | 31st March 2021

Specialized Turbo Kenevo 2020

Specialized Turbo Kenevo

If the Turbo Levo is a Stumpjumper with a motor, then the Turbo Kenevo is an Enduro with a built-in uplift.

Read Review | 23rd Jan 2020

Scott Strike eRide 920

Scott Strike eRide

With the Strike eRide, Scott have taken a different take on the electric mountain bike than most other brands. This e bike is ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable off-road exploring machine rather than a thrill-seeking e bike. 

Read Review | 19th December 2019

Scott Genius eRide 920

Scott Genius eRide

Scott have thoroughly redesigned the Genius eRide ebike for 2020. With its dialled trail geometry the this eMTB is great for those who want the feel of a proper trail bike with the added boost of an electric pedal-assist motor to help with the climbs.

Read Review | 19th December 2019

Orbea Wild FS Review

Orbea Wild FS

With its long, low, slack geometry and progressive suspension kinematics, the Orbea Wild FS is built for proper mountain biking.

Having been completely redesigned for 2020 the Wild FS is now a much more capable electric mountain bike in every way.

Read Review | 16th September 2019

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

This e bike strikes and nice balance between upright comfort and playful handling making it both easy and enjoyable to ride. The simplicity of the Ebikemotion motor make it a favourite of ours here at Tredz.

Read Review | 4th November 2019

Kona Remote 160 Review

Kona Remote 160

The Remote 160 we review here is Kona’s first enduro e bike. This new electric mountain bike is an evolution of the very popular Process platform.

Read Review | 2nd September 2019

Cannondale Trail NEO

Cannondale Trail NEO

Based on the very popular Trail hardtail, the Cannondale Trail Neo is an electric mountain bike that offers a great way to ride off-road with a less effort.

Read Review | 4th September 2019

Cannondale Habit NEO

Cannondale Habit NEO

The Habit from Cannondale was one of the most fun bikes to ride this past year. It's part of the new breed of 29er trail bikes with modern geometry that keeps the fun alive.

Read Review | 20th July 2019

Merida EOne Forty Review

Merida EOne Forty  

If you want to take on challenging climbs and all-day adventures, the eOne Forty is a great choice.

Read Review | 29th July  2019

Merida EOne Sixty Review

Merida EOne Sixty

For tackling challenging trails and all-day epics, the eOne Sixty is a great choice, bolstering not only your power but also confidence and ride time.

Read Review | 25th July  2019

Raleigh Stow-E Way

Raleigh Stow-E Way 

Fun, light, nimble and powerful. The new Stow-E Way from Raleigh brings the one-size-fits-all convenience of a folding bike and matches it to an electric motor.

Read Review | 18th March 2019

Giant Road-E+ Review

Giant Road-E+ 

An electrically assisted road bike, the Giant Road-E+ is designed to get you up to speed quickly. With a motor situated in the middle of the bike and a battery that sits along the downtube, it propels you up to speed faster than a regular bike.

Read Review | 2nd April 2019

Gtech E Bike Review

Gtech E Bike 

More than just another vacuum cleaner brand, Gtech have taken a truly innovative approach to the e bike. We look at both the City and Sport models in this Gtech electric bike review.

Read Review | 25th February 2019

Raleigh Motus E Bike Review

Raleigh Motus 

The Motus is a practical electric bike that offers powerful assistance to your natural pedalling power. This makes cycling much easier, you will notice this most on the hills that will seem much flatter than they really are.

Read Review | 1st March 2019

Giant Trance E+ Pro Review

Giant Trance E+ Pro 

With the Trance E+ Pro Giant have at last broken in to the high-performance electric mountain bike market. We look at the four models in this Giant Trance E+ Pro review.

Read Review | 7th November 2018

Giant Fathom E+ Review

Giant Fathom E+ 

The new 2019 Giant Fathom-E+ is a hardtail E Mountain bike that takes the reliable and simple fun of a hardtail and pairs it to a powerful custom tuned motor from Yamaha.

Read Review | 26th November 2018

Giant Stance E+ Pro Review

Giant Stance E+ Pro 

The Stance E+ is the new entry level full suspension e bike that offers the same great value as its non-powered MTB cousin. In this Review we look at both models. 

Read Review  | 9th November 2018

Mondraker Crafty+ 2019 Review

Mondraker Crafty+ 2019 

The Mondraker Crafty Plus has evolved from its trail bike roots and is now a dedicated electric mountain bike for effortless all mountain riding.

Read Review | 5th Sept 2018

Cube Stereo Hybrid 2019 Range Review

Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 

Part of the new breed of long travel E-Bikes with modern Enduro geometry, these bikes are made to be incredibly capable at descending while climbing with ease.

Read Review | 19th July 2018

Merida EOne Twenty

Merida EOne Twenty 2018

With its lightweight Shimano Steps motor offering a powerful boost to your natural pedalling power, the Merida eOne Twenty is an electric mtb that will encourage you.

Read Review | 15th Mar 2018

Merida EOne Sixty

Merida EOne Sixty 2018

A properly capable and fun electric mountain bike, the Merida eOne Sixty is built to take on the most challenging descents, but also be easily ridden to the top of the climb. It’s an electric mountain bike that has geometry taken from enduro bikes, including a slack head angle, long reach and low bottom bracket.

Read Review | 6th Mar 2018

Specialized Turbo Vado e-bike

Specialized Turbo Vado 2018

The Specialized Turbo Vado is a stylish, yet practical electric bike that offers a powerful boost to your natural pedalling power.

Available in both men’s and women’s specific models, the Turbo Vado ebike range we review here is built for practical urban cycling.

Read Review | 22nd Dec 2017

Raleigh Array electric urban bike

Raleigh Array

To the casual observer, the Array is a perfectly normal hybrid bike that is well equipped to cope with every day commuting and leisurely rides. Look closer, and you’ll find a bike that can totally transform how you ride for the better, as you’ll be eager to spend more time in the saddle purely for the enjoyment of it.

Read Review | 28th August 2017

Cannondale Moterra 2017 range

Cannondale Moterra

Cannondale now have the Moterra electric mountain bike to add to their list of accolades, and while not the best looking bike they've ever made, there's a profound method to their madness.

Read Review | 19th May 2017

Cube Reaction Hybrid 2017 range

Cube Reaction Hybrid

Combining Bosch electric power with a tried and tested hardtail cross-country platform, the Cube Reaction Hybrid, reviewed here, is an electric mountain bike that will enable you to ride more XC trails. 

Read Review | 3rd May 2017

Cube Stereo Hybrid e-bike

Cube Stereo Hybrid

Boost your natural pedalling power so you can ride more trails with less effort. Each model features a high-performance Bosch CX motor with a high capacity lithium-ion battery.

Read Review | 25th April 2017