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Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Review Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Review

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL

The All-new Turbo Kenevo Super Light takes the hard-hitting long travel Specialized Enduro platform and adds the power and versatility of their superlight electric motor and battery.

The Power To Slay Monster Trails

Designed by trail riders for trail riders, the new Kenevo is in a class of its own, no electric mountain bike is lighter and more capable over the roughest terrain. The new Kenevo SL with 170mm travel and 29" wheels gives an unbelievable combination of light weight, capability, power and responsiveness.

A mountain biker riding a drop-off on the new Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL

Super Light

At 5.4 kg lighter than the previous Kenevo, and now based on the long travel Specialized Enduro, the Kenevo SL uses a full monocoque carbon fibre frame mated to the Specialized Super Light motor that feels like a regular Enduro on the descents, but has the power to fly back up ready for another run.

The Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL has precise, stable handling

Super Capable

The SL motor means 2x you, giving up to 240 watts of power and 35 Nm of torque all while weighing significantly less than other e-mtb motors. The Kenevo SL rolls on large 29" wheels front and rear, ready to plough through any terrain that finds itself in the way of this trail slayer. The planted and centralised rider position ensures both wheels track with precision, giving predictable control.

The Kenevo's head angle is adjustable from  62.5° to 63.5° or 64.5°

The Geometry of Control

The Kenevo SL takes the highly respected and progressive geometry of the Enduro and adds six-way adjustability. The geometry can be tuned to suit where you ride and how you ride. The head angle can be adjusted from the super slack 62.5° to 63.5° or 64.5°. The bottom bracket height can also be fine-tuned up or down by 6mm.

The new Kenevo has incredible handling characteristics

Six-bar Suspension Platform

Developed on the venerable Demo world cup DH bike, and further refined on the Enduro, the new Kenevo SL boasts 170mm of travel front and rear. Benefiting from the wealth of knowledge gathered over many race victories. Side-loading of the shock is eliminated, the axle path is optimised, anti-rise and anti-squat are tuned for pedalling performance with all mass centralised for incredible handling characteristics.

A range extender can be added for longer rides

Battery and Range Extender

The inbuilt battery has a capacity of 320Wh. This keeps the weight low while still giving plenty of juice for most rides, up to 4.5 hours of ride support. Though for those epic rides, a beautifully simple range extender can be added that securely fits into the bottle cage giving an extra 160Wh of power that combine to deliver almost 7 hours of ride support.

All Kenevo's use a low standover height. Sizing is determined by the reach of the rider


Like many of the new Specialized mountain bikes, the Kenevo SL is not sized traditionally with small, medium, large etc. Specialized use "S" sizing that keeps a similar low standover height across the sizes but the reach changes across the S size range. The smaller S-size numbers will have a shorter reach and be more nimble and flickable, while larger S-size numbers will give more stability at speed and confidence on the roughest trails.

Next generation TCU2

Mastermind Control

Their next-generation TCU2 provides an easy to read information hub to the rider. Customizable display fields including the exact battery level percentage, and features the all-new bar-mounted MicroTune function to adjust power delivery in 10% increments. This new level of on-bike control seamlessly integrates with the Mission Control App for advanced battery tuning, on-trail diagnostics and more.

The previous generation of the Kenevo was a super capable enduro beast that could tackle the most extreme terrain. This new version takes it up a notch by using the Enduro World Series platform seen on the Specialized Enduro and integrating their super-light motor to give the same feel on the trail as a regular bike, but with the power and capability to power back up the mountain for another run.

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Specialized Kenevo SL Range

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