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Specialized Kenevo SL Review Specialized Kenevo SL Review

Specialized Kenevo SL Review

Designed by riders for big days out the Kenevo SL is the mountain bikers e-bike.

Light Weight But It's No Lightweight

The Specialized Kenevo SL is an e-bike like no other. It’s combination of hard hitting enduro capability with enough power to fly up the climbs, all in a lightweight package. This e-bike is in a class of its own.

170mm Travel | 29" Wheels

50Nm Torque | 320Wh Battery

Kenevo SL Video Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new Kenevo SL before launch. See our first look video to find out how it handled around our local trails.

Hike-a-bike Specialized Kenevo SL

Super Light, Super Capable

Based on the long travel Specialized Enduro the Kenevo SL features a full monocoque carbon fibre frame with a lightweight SL 1.2 motor. With bike weights well below 20Kg for most models and sizes the Kenevo SL feels much like a regular Enduro on the descents, but one with extra power on tap for the climbs.

The Kenevo SL offers a very confident ride on rough, fast, steep and technical terrain. It can double your peddling power, offers enough battery capacity for rides with 1,000 meters plus of climbing and it’s lightweight enough to hike-a-bike.

The Specialized Kenevo SL Turbo SL 1.2 motor

Increased Performance

The new Turbo SL 1.2 motor, delivers an impressive 43% boost in torque (50Nm) and 33% more power compared to the previous version. This enhanced motor not only provides superior performance but is also remarkably efficient. Coupled with the 320Wh battery, it seamlessly enhances your natural pedalling power, allowing you to ride for up to 5 hours in Eco Mode.

For those aiming to extend their rides, the optional 160Wh range extender battery (available separately) fits snugly into your bottle cage, offering an additional 50% range.

Mountain biker riding a Specialized Kenevo SL on technical terrain

Quiet Running

In addition to its increased power, the SL 1.2 motor operates quietly, ensuring a serene riding experience. This remarkable feature is attributed to its 2-piece housing with a honeycomb internal structure, effectively dampening motor noise. Furthermore, the motor boasts an IP67 weatherproof rating, guaranteeing worry-free rides in all weather conditions.

Designed to support a wide pedalling range, the motor synchronizes seamlessly with your most efficient cadence, typically ranging from 70 to 100 rpm, ensuring an optimal riding experience.

Specialized Matermind TCU on the Kenevo

Tuneable Control

The Mastermind TCU (Turbo Control Unit) with handlebar remote switch controls the power modes. The 3 main power modes are infinitely adjustable in the Mission Control App, so you can set them up to your preferences. You can also switch to micro tune mode on the fly for 10% incremental power adjustment.

The Kenevo SL offers an intuitive combination of human and electrical input monitoring. You can view metrics like your cadence and pedal power alongside motor performance.

Kevnevo SL rear suspension showing linkage and Fox X2 shock

Six Bar Suspension

The Kenevo SL offers 170mm of suspension travel front and rear. The rear suspension features a modified FSR rear suspension design with additional tension links that allow leverage rates can be dialled in separately from the axle path. This means that the spring and damper performance can be dialled in to give you the optimum on the trail performance.

riding a specialized kenevo sl through a puddle

170mm Travel

It's the leverage rate and axle path that make the 170mm of rear travel work so efficiently. The leverage rate is tuned to offer small bump sensitivity in the first part of the travel with good mid-stoke support and compliant but controlled big hit management at full travel.

The axle path moves rearward in the first part of the suspension travel allowing the wheel to move back and out of the way of obstacles instead of hanging up on them. This also offers anti-squat properties early in the travel for improved pedalling efficiency.

chainstay flip ship on the Kenevo SL

Adjustable Geometry

The Kenevo SL takes the highly respected and progressive geometry of the Enduro and adds six-way adjustability. The head angle can be adjusted from the super slack 62.5° to 63.5° or 64.5°. The bottom bracket height can also be fine-tuned up or down by 6mm. Combined this gives you 6 unique geometry settings, so you can set the bike up perfectly for how you ride and where you ride.

The Specialized Kenevo SL is a super capable enduro e-MTB that can take on the most challenging terrain. Combined with the lightweight Turbo SL 1.2 pedal assist motor this is a bike that can take on everything from challenging bike park laps to big days out on natural mountain trails.

Specialized Kenevo SL Range

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