Cube Stereo Hybrid Range Review

Cube Stereo Hybrid Review


£3,499.00 - From £6,799.00

Finance from:

£91.64/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • 120mm, 140mm or 160mm travel
  • Fully active suspension
  • Bosch Performance CX motor
  • Only 120s available with 29” wheels
  • Carbon frame option only on 120s
  • No room for a bottle cage


Electric MTB


Ride more trails


19 kg (41.8 lbs)*

With the boost from the electric motor, you will be able to ride more trails on the Cube Stereo Hybrids

2020 Update

The main change to the Cube Stereo Hybrid Review is that all these electric mountain bikes now have a fully integrated battery pack for 2020. These batteries can be charged on the bike but can be easily removed for convenience. There are also some new Kiox models. These feature the Bosch Kiox display that has all the connectivity features of a regular cycling computer combined with the e bike controls.

Updated: 6th January 2020


Boost your natural pedalling power so you can ride more trails with less effort. The Cube Stereo Hybrid ebike range offers a large number of electrically assisted full suspension mountain bikes, with a variety of travel options for different types of mountain biking; the XC oriented 120’s, the trail friendly 140’s and the enduro ready 160’s. Hybrid is the name that Cube gives to all their ebikes and each model features a high-performance Bosch CX motor with a high capacity lithium-ion battery.

The Cube Stereo Hybrids that we review here include both aluminium and carbon framed models with either 27.5” or 29” wheels. You also get a wide range of component choice; from affordable functionality, to the very best your money can buy. You will be sure to find a Stereo hybrid to suit your budget as well as your riding style.

*Cube stereo hybrid 140 race 500 27.5 18”, without pedals

Cube Stereo Hybrid frame


Gravity casting for improved integration

Most of the Cube Stereo Hybrid models – all the 160s and 140s – feature a high-end aluminium alloy frame built with Gravity Casting technology. The motor, cover, battery mount and cable routing are combined to form a single module. This means that the drive components are fully integrated into the structure for a stronger frame with smoother lines. The Stereo Hybrid 120s are also available with a C:62 carbon fibre composite frame which reduces the weight while maintaining stiffness and improving the ride quality.

Like most pedal assist ebikes the motor is mounted between the cranks. Cube mount the motor in a slightly rotated position on the Stereo Hybrid, which means that the chainstays are connected nice and low on the frame which significantly reduces chain slap.

The semi integrated battery pack offers great protection from trail impacts, as well as lowering the centre of gravity for a more stable ride.

Cube Stereo Hybrid suspension


Fully active suspension

Cube’s FSP4Link, four bar, suspension design offers plush suspension travel that keeps on working even while pedalling and braking.

Like their non-electric counterparts, the Cube Stereo Hybrid ebikes all feature a four bar, FSP4Link, rear suspension design with a chainstay pivot. This offers fully active suspension performance, that is isolated from pedalling and braking forces, and delivers effective suspension control in every situation. Front and rear travel are matched on each model, so you get balanced performance with just the right amount of suspension travel for the type of riding the bike is design for.

You get high quality Fox rear shocks on all models with either a Fox, RockShox, Magura or Suntour fork up front depending on the model. The suspension performance on all models is capable but you get plusher performance and increased adjustability as you move up through the price points.

Cube Stereo Hybrid drive tech motor

Drive Tech

Bosh Performance CX electric power

All the Stereo hybrids feature the excellent, German-made, Bosch Performance CX drive unit. Specifically designed for mountain bike trail riding, the CX motor delivers seamless power as you pedal. The motor offers between 50% and 300% pedal support - as you pedal harder the motor assists you more – and up to 75Nm of torque so you can take on even the steepest climbs with confidence. Like all pedal assist ebikes, the motor will only offer assistance up to 15.5mph (25km/h) but you can still pedal faster than this if you wish.

Each model in the range is fitted with a 500Wh battery pack for an extended range. You can monitor the battery capacity and adjust the amount of assist – there are four power modes; Turbo, Sport, Tour & Eco - through the compact Purion display unit mounted to the handlebars

With their experience in producing high quality and reliable electrical products Bosch have lead the wave of ebike development as others continue to lay in their wake. –

Cube Stereo Hybrid groupset


‘One by’ with wide range cassettes

One by drivetrains give you a wide range of gear options for riding even the steepest ups and downs.

The front chain ring on the Stereo Hybrids is much smaller than a regular chainring. This is the same on all Bosch powered ebikes, because the Bosch motor turns the spindle quicker than you rotate the cranks, but there is no need to be concerned as the overall effect is to give you the same gear options as you get on a regular bike. Each bike in the range features a wide range cassette that gives you all the gears you’ll need to ride every trail on the mountain.

The hydraulic disc brakes on all models feature larger 180mm or 203mm rotors to give you the extra stopping power you need to cope with the extra weight of the battery and motor.

Cube Stereo Hybrid wheels


27.5”, 27.5”+ or 29"

Covering all wheel size bases the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120s are available in three different wheel sizes. 27.5” wheels are the most popular size as they balance rapid rolling and nimble handling characteristics. Popular with taller riders the 29” wheels roll faster over rough terrain but are less nimble in the tight. There is also a 27.5”+ Stereo 120 with 2.8” tyres that gives you more grip as well as extra cushioning on the trail.

Ideal for riding technical terrain, the Stereo Hybrid 140s and 160s both roll on 27.5” wheels with aggressive Schwalbe rubber for confident control. The more affordable Stereo Hybrids feature capable Cube wheels, while you get DT Swiss hoops on the higher end models.

DT Swiss and Cube wheelsets with Schwalbe rubber offer capable performance wherever you ride.

Cube Stereo Hybrid

Best for

Riding more trails

With the boost from the electric motor,  you will be able to ride more trails on the Cube Stereo Hybrids . You'll save energy on the climbs so will be fresher for the descents, extended rides will be far more achievable and you will find yourself riding back up the hill for another run far more often.  

For riders who have lost some of their fitness the Cube Stereo Hybrids offer obvious benefits. However, fully fit riders will also reap the rewards, as they can fit in more descents on these ebikes – the Cube Action Team use a Stereo Hybrid 160 to train for Enduro World Series races. Whatever your reasons for buying one, your mountain bike world will look a whole lot brighter on a Cube Stereo Hybrid.

Cube Stereo Hybrid front forks Cube Stereo Hybrid electric computer
Cube Stereo Hybrid top tube Cube Stereo Hybrid internally routed cables
Cube Stereo Hybrid rear shock Cube Stereo Hybrid front shock dial

Cube Stereo Hybrid range models

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