Merida eOne Sixty Range Review

Merida EOne Sixty Review


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  • Capable long travel frame
  • 29er front wheel 27.5+ rear wheel
  • Excellent Shimano Steps system
  • Only three models available
  • No alloy options
  • Experienced riders might want longer reach


Electric Mountain Bike


Enduro riding with electric boost


22.6Kg (50.6lbs)*

For tackling challenging trails and all-day epics, the eOne Sixty is a great choice, bolstering not only your power but also confidence and ride time. With 3 models in the range let's take a closer look.

Updated: 25th July 2019


Here we review the all new Merida eOne Sixty. A properly capable and fun electric enduro mountain bike, the eOne Sixty is built to take on the most challenging descents, but also be easily ridden to the top of the climb. It’s an electric mountain bike that improves on the critically acclaimed first-generation eOne Sixty with even more progressive geometry and build kit.

The Merida eOne Sixty has 160mm front and 150mm rear, with either Marzocchi or Fox suspension. All bikes have the powerful Shimano Steps e-bike system, offering smooth power delivery and a long-lasting battery. The eOne Sixty rolls on what has become known as a "mullet" wheel set up, with a 29" wheel up front and a 27.5" rear. Those looking for a more trail friendly version should check out the new eOne Forty from Merida

*Merida E one sixty 9000 - Size Medium tested, without pedals

Merida eOne Sixty frame


Modern enduro geometry

Merida uses Carbon fibre for the eOne Sixty front triangle. This greatly improves stiffness as there has to be a cut out to allow the battery to sit in the downtube. The back of the bike uses the same aluminium rear end as previous models. The eOne Sixty is an enduro electric bike, so it needs geometry that’s fit for purpose. Things move quite fast with geometry, while it is not as long and slack as other bikes, the new bikes are half a degree slacker than last years models, now with a very capable 65.5° head angle. The seat tube angle has steepened to improve climbing and with the smaller 27.5 back wheel, it allows Merida to run a shorter chainstay than with a 29" wheel, keeping things nimble on the trail.

Like every other serious electric bike, the Merida eOne Sixty has a bottom bracket mounted motor. This placement allows smoother power delivery, yet also optimises the weight distribution, keeping the extra weight low and centred. The battery is now fully integrated into the downtube and allows easy access for removal and charging. The rear axle includes a tool for removing the axle that doubles to remove the battery. Cable routing cleverly avoids the motor, so changing cables do not require removal of the motor. By using carbon fibre Merida have incorporated air vents into the top of the downtube known as "Thermo gate", dissipating heat and prolonging battery life.

A lot of time was invested in designing a battery cover that adequately protects the battery and doesn’t become a source of noise. –

Merida eOne Sixty suspension


Marzocchi, Rock Shox and Fox suspension

The Fox 36 RC2 fork and Float X2 shock are perfect for a bike with a lot of mass to control but no need for the rider to stand up on climbs. -

The eOne Sixty is a long travel electric bike, boasting 160mm of suspension travel up front and 150mm out back on all models. The frame has a single pivot suspension design, using a rocker link to activate the shock. This makes for a simple and effective design, using the same rear triangle as the previous version means spare parts and bearings should be readily available.

All 3 models are very high end with their spec, all getting ebike specific forks from the rejuvenated Marzocchi Z1, to the fantastic Fox 36. Rear travel is handled by the Rock Shox Super Deluxe Select+ on the 800 working up to the Fox Factory Float X2 on the top line 10k model.

Merida eOne Sixty Shimano Steps system

Drive Tech

250W motor and 500Wh battery

Proven to be the motor that behaves most transparently for mountain bikers, the Shimano Steps E8000 e-bike system delivers 250W of power and 70Nm of torque. There are three riding modes to electronically assist you along the trails. Eco offers the least and will conserve your battery the most, while trail is the middle setting and Boost will propel you up the most difficult ascents.

The 500Wh battery is also a Shimano Steps unit and is long-lasting, though the distance you’ll get out of it will vary significantly based on the mode you ride in. The Switch Unit that allows you to toggle between modes is a Shimano Di2 left shifter, which is neat and ergonomic, and the display is also from Di2 drivetrains. The top line 10k model is quite special, yes it is an expensive bike but you do get an additional battery along with a custom Evoc ebike backpack that has a specifically designed storage compartment to securely store the spare battery for long epic trips.

The development team of new Merida eOne-Sixty 2020 partnered with Shimano to develop the new 504 Wh Shimano STEPS BT-E8035 battery

Merida eOne Sixty Shimano groupset


1x12 Shimano gearing throughout

The new Merida eOne-Sixty 2020 takes all the good bits of its predecessor and makes them even better!-

All models in the Merida eOne Sixty range feature the new Shimano 1x12 drivetrains, matching the electric motor system. The eOne Sixty 8000 and 9000 have XT 12 speed drivetrain that has a wide range 51-10 cassette, giving gearing for both climbing and descending. The topline 10k model has Shimano XTR 1x12 gearing. All models feature powerful 4 pot SLX/XT/XTR brakes with large 203mm rotors.

All bikes have dropper seatposts as you would now expect. Under the saddle is a multi-tool housed in a neat and weatherproof casing. Finishing kit is from Merida's own in-house department.

Merida eOne Sixty wheels


29er and 27.5 mix

On the last version Merida had wide plus tyres at both ends but following the success in racing of mixed wheel sizes, Merida has realised that this can be perfectly suited to ebikes. Running a 29" wheel up front to bulldoze through any trail obstacles while the 27.5" back wheel works well with shorter riders, arguable gives more torque from the motor, and allows the fitting of a wide and high volume rear tyre while keeping the chainstays short.

All bikes have wide and strong wheelsets, Formula and DT swiss provide the rims as you go through the range, up to the top-spec HXC 1200 carbon spline rims on the top end 10k model.

All bikes have an excellent tyre choice that should provide ample grip in almost all conditions for all tyres of riding. Rear tyres are the Maxxis Minion DHR at 2.6 wide, and out front is the Greg Minaar designed Maxxis Assegai at 2.5" wide. Both tyres are treated to the new EXO+ sidewall protection from Maxxis giving a great balance between protection and weight.

Merida have got the chainstay length on the One-Sixty down to a modest 440mm, which in part is thanks to sticking the smaller 27.5 wheel on the back. -

Merida eOne Sixty electric mountain bike

Best for

Ride everywhere faster than before

The new Merida eOne Sixty is a considerable improvement on the previous version that had so much applause across the MTB community. Non-electric enduro bikes have are great at descending, with climbing being possible but not much fun. That’s where the eOne Sixty is different, with the Shimano Steps electric system boosting your best efforts, getting you easily to the top of the most difficult climbs..

For tackling challenging trails and all-day adventures, the eOne Sixty is a great choice, bolstering not only your power but also confidence and ride time. All models have no compromise build kits, allowing you to focus on riding your bike, assured in the knowledge that you can rip up the trails with absolute confidence.

Merida eOne Sixty dropper post Merida eOne Sixty DT Swiss wheels
Merida eOne Sixty chain device Merida eOne Sixty Fox Factory 36 fork
Merida eOne Sixty Smart Entry cable routing Merida eOne Sixty Shimano Steps display

Merida eOne Sixty range models

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