Orbea Rise H10

Orbea Rise

The Rise is a new lightweight ebike designed to expand your trail riding experience and bring you closer to the moment.


Power that Enhances the Ride

Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in eMTB.

What is the Rise?

We hooked up with Lee from Orbea to find out more about this exciting new eMTB. Lee tells us how Orbea developed the Rider Synergy concept with Shimano to bring a more authentic trail riding experience to pedal assisit bikes.

Riding the Rise

The Rise Hydro is the newest addition to the Rise range. We tested the aluminium Hydro out on our favourite local trails. To say we were impressed with this new ebike is an understatement. Find out more in our first ride video.

Orbea Rise top tube decal

Rider Synergy

The Rise offers a new riding experience. One that gives you the same joy as riding a traditional 140mm travel trail bike but with a smooth pedal assist that feels as natural and alive as your own body.

Orbea Rise Shimano EP8 RS motor

RS Power

Orbea worked closely with Shimano to develop the RS version of the EP8 motor. With proprietary electronics the EP8 RS power band is tuned to echo your input and cadence for a naturally energetic ride feel.

Orbea Rise rocker power switch

Less “e” is more “bike”

With a lower 60Nm maximum torque and efficient power delivery the Rise doesn’t need such a large battery pack. With less weight to carry around the Rise feels more like a regular trail bike than an e bike. Less really is more.

Orbea Rise frame and motor detail

Lightweight Battery

The Rise is intended for big rides. Using the newest 21700 lithium-ion cells the carbon bike gets a 360Wh battery, and the aluminium version boasts a 540Wh battery with one of the highest energy densities on the market. Both batteries are some of the slimmest and lightest available. There is also an optional 252Wh range extender that gives you up to 70% more range for those really big days.

Orbea Rise EP8 RS motor and power button

More Range

Because the Rise Carbon is a lighter bike with lower power consumption you get the same range that a 540Wh battery will give you on a typical eMTB. This is about 3-4 hours ride time in trail mode. Adding the optional range extender gives you around 8 hours with 4,000m of climbing in eco mode.

In Eco mode, the aluminium models have a range of more than 3,500m of elevation change; 2,200m in Trail mode; and 1,600m in Boost mode. If you need more, the Rise Aluminum can be paired with a new 252Wh Range Extender, which results in almost 800Wh.

Orbea Rise simple in line display

The Elegance of Simplicity

The slimmed down RS interface consists of a discreet rocker switch on the bars and a small inline junction box with just 2 LEDs to show power mode and battery capacity. If you want to see more data, the Rise will connect to a Garmin or other smart device.

Orbea Rise Hydro

Hydro v Carbon

The Aluminium models are known as Hydro, with an H prefix. The Carbon models use an M prefix. Both are part of the new breed of lightweight, efficient and natural feeling electric trail bikes. The Carbon bike is naturally lighter, so uses a smaller 360Wh battery. The slightly heavier Hydro aluminium models use a larger 540Wh battery.

Both bikes have identical geometry, sizing, features, wheelsize and motor. Only the frame material and battery size differ.

Orbea Rise simple in line display

My O Options

The Rise is available with either a 140mm travel Fox 34 fork or a 150mm travel Fox 36. This as well as other component options and custom colour schemes are available through Orbea’s My O program.

Ride more, descend more and have more fun without sacrificing the simplicity, responsiveness, and handling of a normal trail mountain bike. The Orbea Rise takes eMTB to another level.

Orbea Rise Range

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