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Cannondale Treadwell Neo  Range Review

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Review



Finance from:

£75.00/month (0% APR)

Comfortable and stylish
Pedal assisit motor
Battery neatly integrated into the downtube
Suspension seat post for a smoother ride
High-volume tyres for cycling everywhere
One-by drivetrain for easy gear shifting


Electric bike


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This e bike strikes a nice balance between upright comfort and playful handling making it both easy and enjoyable to ride.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo charging point

Drive Tech

ebikemotion drive system

The Treadwell Neo is powered by the innovative Ebikemotion X35 drive unit. This system is lighter weight than most others, so the Treadwell isn’t as heavy as most other urban electric bikes. The rear hub drive motor isn’t as powerful as the crank drive units on many other e bikes, but the 40Nm max torque output is still powerful enough to give your natural pedalling power a serious boost. Like all road-legal e bikes, the motor only offers assistance up to 15.5mph. This highlights another advantage of the X35 system. There is zero drag once the motor cuts out which, combined with the relatively low weight of the Treadwell, means that it is easier pedal once you’ve reached the assist speed limit.

Another highlight of the Treadwell is the iWoc ONE control unit. This simple button, with an illuminated LED ring is mounted on the top tube and allows you to adjust the power output and monitor the remaining battery capacity. The LED light changes colour to let you know how much battery capacity you have left. Selecting one of the three power modes is easy too. This means you can decide how much power you want and how far you can ride on one charge. For fine-tuning and extra navigation features, the Ebikemotion smartphone app connects to the bike using Bluetooth. The 250Wh lithium-ion battery pack is neatly integrated into the frame with only the charging port visible.

Even when it’s working very hard the X-35 motor is remarkably quiet, and I suspect on a windier day you would be hard pushed to hear its gentle hum at all. Bike Radar

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Drivetrain


Comfort and style

The integrated wheel sensor and Cannondale app helps track your activity (like speed, distance and calories burned), registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more.

From the handlebars to the rear derailleur, the components on the Treadwell all help to give the bike its distinctive character. The Shimano 1x9 speed drivetrain is easy and intuitive to use with only one gear shifter to worry about. The wide range cassette gives you plenty of gear options for city cycling. Hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful speed control that works consistently well in all weather conditions.

The finishing kit on the Treadwell Neo combines comfort with urban style. The BMX inspired handlebars give you a nice upright cycling position without the need for a riser stem or extra tall headtube. They also make it nice and easy to mount lights and other accessories to the bars. The stem has an integrated SP mount so that you can mount your phone (in a compatible SP case) without needing any extra fittings. The wide saddle and suspension seatpost make the bike even more comfortable while the kickstand makes parking easy.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Wheels with Maxxis DTR-1 tyres


Smooth and easy rolling

While most urban bikes roll on large 700c road bike with narrow tyres, Cannondale has taken a different approach with the Treadwell. The smaller 650b wheels are fitted with high volume 47c tyres. These give a similar overall diameter to a road bike wheel/tyre combo, but the extra volume of the tyres offers a much smoother and more comfortable ride over uneven surfaces.

The practical Maxxis DTR-1 tyres are inspired by dirt track racers of the past and complement the style of the bike perfectly. The rear hub contains the motor which complements the strength of your legs to make the ride easier. The front wheel has an integrated wheel sensor developed in partnership with Garmin. This means you can easily take advantage of all the features in the Cannondale App with just a simple spin of the wheel.

This is a capable, well-made ride that nods to funky bikes of the past, with handlebars and tyres inspired by dirt-track racers.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

Best for

Easy riding style

Fun, lightweight, practical and stylish. The Cannondale Treadwell Neo ticks a lot of boxes. This e bike strikes and nice balance between upright comfort and playful handling making it both easy and enjoyable to ride. With a full set of rack and mudguard mounts, the Treadwell is equally happy commuting through the city in winter as it is cruising along the beachfront promenade in the height of summer.

The simplicity and smooth power delivery of the Ebikemotion X35 drive system make it a favourite of ours here at Tredz. Giving you just enough power, you still feel like you a riding a normal bike, just a lot easier. Great for most types of cycling, especially easy cruising. It’s not the best system for very steep hills though, so if you have some big climbs on your route home a crank drive e bike might be a better choice.

Cannondale Treadwell Neo suspension seatpost and comfy saddle Cannondale Treadwell Neo braek lever
Cannondale Treadwell Neo BMX styel handlebars Cannondale Treadwell Neo e bike ebikemotion control button
Cannondale Treadwell Neo stem Cannondale Treadwell Neo frame detail

Cannondale Treadwell Neo range models

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