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Raleigh Motus Range Review

Raleigh Motus Review


£1,900.00- £2,500.00

Finance from:

£75.00/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • Bosch Active Line crank drive motor
  • Low step frame option
  • Comfortable riding position
  • No XL sizes
  • Integrated lights only on top models
  • Conservative colour options


Electric Bike


Practical cycling


22.9Kg (50lbs) *

Comfortable, efficient and practical, the Raleigh Motus electric bikes will help you to ride further with less effort, so you can enjoy the all benefits of cycling again.

2020 Update

There a re 14 versions of the Motus for 2020, with 3 different frame types available from the regular crossbar to step through and low step frames. There are traditional derailleur geared models along with hub geared models and even a folding version.

Updated: 6th January 2020


The Motus is a practical electric bike that offers powerful assistance to your natural pedalling power. This makes cycling much easier, you will notice this most on the hills that will seem much flatter than they really are. There are both men’s and ladies’ versions available at three different component levels, we’ll look at them all in this Raleigh Motus review.

All the Raleigh Motus e bikes are powered by a Bosch Active Line crank drive motor and a long-lasting lithium ion battery. We’ve tested this e bike extensively and we’ve all been impressed by just how easy it is to ride up even the steepest of hills and how long the battery lasts.

Raleigh Motus Low Step fraem detail


Two different frame options

The Motus is available in two different frame shapes. This is reflected in the Model names; the crossbar bikes have a traditional men’s style frame with a high crossbar, the Low Step bikes have a Dutch style frame with no crossbar at all to make getting on and off the bike easier. The Low Step models are marketed as women’s bikes but there is no reason why men can’t take advantage of this easier to use frame design too. Both frames are made from high-quality 6061 aluminium alloy.

All the bikes have a Suntour Nex suspension fork up front to take the sting out of rough roads and cycle tracks. The fork is supple so it will smooth out the bumps on gravel tracks and rough roads. There is a progressive lock-out dial which makes it easy to firm up the fork for more efficient cycling on smooth surfaces.

The motor adds power in line with the amount of force you put through the pedals so it avoids the jerkiness that can afflict cheaper motors. Coachmag.co.uk

Raleigh Motus Bosch 300Wh battery pack

Drive Tech

Bosch e bike power

At the heart of the Motus is the Bosch Active line motor. This crank drive unit is a lot more powerful than the hub drive motors found on more affordable e bikes, yet still offers a very impressive range. There are four modes to choose from that offer a boost of between 40% and 250% of your leg power. When riding along flat ground, Eco (the lowest power mode) is enough for effortless cycling. In Turbo (the highest mode) you get enough power to climb the very steepest hills easily. In a recent test we rode the Motus up a hill with a consistent 20% gradient. This climb was steep enough to offer a serious challenge to the Pro cyclists on the 2010 Tour of Britain, but it was easy on the Motus.

It’s simple switch between the power modes using the handlebar mounted remote switch. The display screen shows you how much battery power you have remaining. The Tour and Grand Tour models have a centrally mounted Bosch Intuvia multi-function display unit that is a little easier to read than the Purion display fitted to the base model.

Offering an impressive range, a 300Wh lithium ion battery pack is fitted to the Motus. In a recent test we rode a Motus over mixed terrain and covered 74km on one charge. The Motus Tour and Grand Tour models are fitted with a larger capacity 400Wh battery pack which will give you an even more impressive range. The Grand Tour is also fitted with the slightly more powerful Active Line Plus motor.

This is an extremely versatile and good value e-bike with a cracking motor, so hats off to Bosch for further refining and improving an already well-regarded and very popular motor design. Hats off to Raleigh too for combining the motor technology in a thoughtful way with all the other elements of the bike. freewheelingfrance.com

Raleigh Motus e bike drivetrain


Hub or derailleur gears

Raleigh has also gone out of its way to add details that make it a pimped-out urban ride, from fixed front and back plastic mudguards, a pannier rack, reflective strips on the puncture-resistant wheels and a bell. Coachmag.co.uk

The Motus has three different specification levels; The Motus, Motus Tour and Motus Grand Tour. The Motus has a 7-speed derailleur drive train moving up to 8 speed on the Tour and 9 speed on the Grand Tour models. There are also hub gear models that are fitted with low maintenance Shimano Nexus 7 or 8 speed hub gears.

Every bike in range has hydraulic disc brakes for powerful speed control in all weather conditions. You also get mudguards, kickstand and a rear luggage rack fitted as standard. This makes the Motus incredibly practical. The Tour and Grand Tour bikes are also fitted with integrated lights that are powered from the main battery pack.

Raleigh Motus e bike front fork detail


700c or 26” wheels

Most of the Motus e bikes have 700c wheels. These are the same size that you will find on road bikes and most hybrids. These wheels are fast rolling and efficient making them ideal for general cycling. The disc brake rims are wider than those on a road bike to make room for the wider tyres. The Low Step models are also available with smaller 26” wheels, which are ideal for smaller cyclists.

The wide 42c tyres give you a little extra cushioning on rough road surfaces but still roll efficiently. Puncture protection is built in which reduces the chance of getting a flat tyre. Reflective side walls offer extra visibility in low light conditions, especially when you ride past side roads.

High quality city bike with a smooth, quiet motor and a high-spec build. ebiketips

Raleigh Motus Cross bar derailleur

Best for

Cycling further with less effort

If you want to cycle without struggling the Motus e bike range is ideal. The pedal assist motor allows you to ride up the hills that used to stop you cycling. Even on flat terrain you’ll notice the difference immediately. Riding the Motus you’ll find that you can cycle without getting all sweaty but still get that nice feeling that you’ve done some healthy exercise.

Comfortable, efficient and practical, the Raleigh Motus electric bikes will help you to ride further with less effort, so you can enjoy the all benefits of cycling again.

Raleigh Motus fork lockout Raleigh Motus rear luggage rack
Raleigh Motus adjustable stem Raleigh Motus head tube badge
Raleigh Motus display screen Raleigh Motus Bosch Active Line motor

Raleigh Motus range models

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