Pendleton Somerby E

An affordable electric bike for easy cycling around town.

Classic styling with an easy pedalling e bike motor

The Somerby E combines a comfortable upright cycling position with a powerful electric pedal assist motor for easy cycling adventures.

Riding the Somerby E

We took the Somerby E for a ride around our favourite scenic cycling spots. Watch our video to find out more.


Designed with ultimate comfort in mind

The classic looking e bike offers the same comfortable upright riding position as the original Somerby hybrid bike. This makes the Pendleton Somerby E very comfortable and easy to ride on roads and cycle paths, with a step through frame for easy dismounts.


Sprung Saddle and ergonomic handlebar grips

To go with its classic styling the Somerby E has a faux leather deep padded saddle with springs for extra comfort. The grips are shaped to fit your hands too, so you stay comfortable in the saddle even on longer rides.


Easy pedalling assistance

Mounted in the hub of the rear wheel the electric motor is connected to a speed sensor that automatically engages the motor as soon as you start pedalling. You can choose how much power the motor gives you with three assistance levels.


Ride for up to 50 miles on one charge

Depending on the power mode you choose and the terrain you cycle on the Somerby E battery pack can give you up to 50 miles of pedal assisted riding. Charging the luggage rack mounted battery is easy, either on or off the bike.


Control at your fingertip

The low, medium and high-power assistance modes are easily controlled through the handlebar mounted remote control unit. You don’t need to take your hands off the bars to adjust the power and turn the bike on or off.


Practical as well as stylish

The Somerby E comes with mudguards and chain guard ready fitted, so you don’t need to wear special cycling clothes to ride. There’s a kick stand too which makes parking easier and there is plenty of room to fit a basket at the front if you wish.

With it’s easy riding style the Pendleton Somerby E is a great way to experience the joys of cycling without the hard work. Get more from your days out with this stylish e bike.

Pendleton Somerby E Range

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