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Cannondale SystemSix Carbon Dura-Ace

Cannondale SystemSix Review


£3,999.99 - £8,999.99

Finance from:

£111.12/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • Class leading aerodynamics
  • Smooth ride quality
  • Impressive wheelsets
  • No alloy frame option
  • Only one women’s model
  • Disc brake only


Aero road


Rapid cycling


7.9Kg ( 17.1lbs) *

If you want to ride as fast as possible in real world cycling conditions, then the System Six is a great choice.

2020 Update

With new colourways for 2020, the Cannondale SystemSix remains one of the fastest road bikes available.

Updated: 6th January 2020


The SystemSix is Cannondale’s brand-new aero road bike that is built for speed in real world cycling conditions. In this Cannondale SystemSix review we look at how the frame, fork, wheels and components all work together to slice through the air as smoothly as possible. A culmination of a systemwide approach to speed, efficiency and real-world performance, this bike will encourage you to ride faster everywhere.

The aerodynamics offer impressive power savings, but the ride characteristics are equally remarkable. The handling of the SystemSix much like the SuperSix Evo but this bike is faster everywhere except the very steep climbs.

* SystemSix Carbon Ultegra- Size 54cm tested, without pedals

Cannondale SystemSix frame detail

Frame and Fork

Class leading aerodynamics

The SystemSix is designed to offer an aero advantage in real world cycling conditions. Aero tests have shown that Cannondale have surpassed the speed of other production aero bikes. The disc only design features an integrated fork that blends almost seamlessly into the chime shape at the base of the head tube. This helps the air flow around the front wheel and down tube. The wide kamm-tail seat post and dropped seat stays improve air flow around the rider and the rear of the bike.

There are two carbon frame and fork options, and each has the same geometry. The high-quality BallisTec carbon frame is featured here but there is also the Hi-MOD version for the pros and those with very deep pockets. There is also a women’s specific Hi-MOD version. The SystemSix is fully compliant with UCI regulations, so you will be sure to see these bikes at the races.

The results, at least in the aero ranking, show a clear winner. Fastest bike in the test — and henceforth the fastest production bike, that we know — is the SystemSix from Cannondale. TOUR Magazine

Cannondale SystemSix Dura Ace drivetrain


Slick integration

Our Race Bike of the Year 2019 is super-fast, comfortable and a lot of fun to ride. Bike Radar

Each of the six models in the SystemSix range are built for serious riding and the groupsets reflect this. Most of the bikes feature Shimano Ultegra or Dura Ace drivetrains with matching hydraulic disc brakes. Di2 electronic drivetrains grace the Shimano Hi-MOD bikes. There is also a SRAM Red eTAP ASX model which brings 12-speed wireless electronic shifting technology into the range. The Hi-Mod bikes all have a Power2Max NG Eco Power Meter fitted, so you can access all you ride data without having to fit any extra technology to the bike.

The first two bikes in the range have Vision Carbon Aero bars while the Hi-MOD bikes have Cannondale KNØT SystemBar for an even smoother look as well as improved airflow. The hollow head tube extension and shape match gated spacers offer improved cable routing. This works especially well with Shimano Di2 cables.

Cannondale Hollogram Knot64 wheels on the SystemSix


Eliminate drag

Cannondale’s SystemSix project began with a quest to build the fastest wheels for modern tyre volumes, and the Hollowgram Knot64 wheels really are quick. The 64mm deep section carbon rims are a little wider than the tyres which maximizes airflow and minimizes drag. The entry level model has shallower Fulcrum Racing 400 DB wheels, but all the other bikes get Hollowgram Knot64 wheelsets.

The wide rim on the Knot64s also improve the profile of the tyres, making them wider. The 23c Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed tyres fitted are actually 26mm wide on these wheels, this increases the contact patch on the road without the need for wider, and heavier, tyres.

the Knot 64 wheels are very stiff and once you wind them up to speed they don’t want to stop rolling. Cycling Weekly

Cannondale SystemSix Dura Ace on the road

Best for

Go faster

The SystemSix requires about 10% less power to maintain your speed. This translates into a huge advantage for all riders not just the racers. Even on shallow climbs the aerodynamics give you an advantage. It’s only when the gradient is more than 6% that the SystemSix loses out to lighter climbing bikes.

If you want to ride as fast as possible in real world cycling conditions, then the System Six is a great choice. The confidence inspiring handling combined with the smooth ride quality mean you can get the most out of you ride mile after mile and still win the sprint to the finish line.

Cannondale SystemSix front view Cannondale SystemSix aero bars
Cannondale SystemSix dropped seat stays Cannondale SystemSix headtub chime and front fork
Cannondale SystemSix kamm-tail seatpost Cannondale SystemSix frame detail

Cannondale SystemSix range models

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