Giant TCR Advanced

Giant TCR Advanced

The latest and greatest TCR advanced is now lighter, stiffer and more aero than ever before.

Ride faster

For the latest TCR, Giant has taken raw carbon fibre and weaved the materials to its exact specification (in its own composites factory) to create the lightest set of raw pieces ever put together for a Giant bike. - Bike Radar

Developing the new TCR

New innovative construction allowed the focus points of efficiency, aerodynamics and total control to be addressed. The all-new TCR is the total race bike. More than two decades after it burst onto the race scene with compact road geometry, this new version is the fastest ever.

Giant TCR Advanced construction


All new production and manufacturing techniques create a lighter bike. By using cutting edge composite material cut by laser gives smaller carbon fibre sections. Construction can be more precise and advanced resulting in a lighter overall frame and fork.

Giant TCR Advanced


The new truncated ellipse tubing has allowed the engineers to produce lower drag coefficients in real-world situations. A water bottle was taken into consideration when working on the aerodynamics in the wind tunnel. The aerodynamic gains make the new bike 34 seconds faster than the previous bike over a distance of 40km at 200 watts.

Giant TCR Advanced

Total control

A brand new fork design to provide 35% more torsional stiffness without increasing weight. Flat mount disc brakes give all-weather control even on the longest descents.

Giant TCR Advanced


There are both disc and rim brake models of the new TCR to suit all tastes. On the SL bikes, Giant uses an integrated seat post design to save even more weight while adding compliance. These new bikes have been designed with clearance for tyres  up to 32mm wide should you want to add comfort when riding over less than ideal surfaces.

With different carbon construction, comes different model names to suit. Advanced Pro SL bikes are the ultimate Giant race bikes, with the Advanced Pro mid-range bikes, and the great value Advanced entry-level race bikes.

Giant TCR Advanced Range

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