Specialized Aethos Specialized Aethos

Specialized Aethos

A bike built simply for the love of riding

Break the Rules

By not focusing on racing the Specialized Aethos breaks some of the unwritten rules of the road but delivers that pure riding experience that every cyclist dreams of.

It’s just a bike, but oh what a bike it is.

We visited Specialized HQ to get the low down on the Aethos. See our first look video to find out more about this exciting new  road bike.

Rides descending on Specialized Aethos road bikes

The Ride of Your Life

Do you yearn for more than a race bike? The Aethos offers Superior handling and an unrivalled ride. It’s the epitome of quality, performance, and style.

Specialized Aethos head tube detail

For a pure riding experience

The Aethos is built for those moments where we lose ourselves in the reverence of dancing up a climb or telepathically carving through a turn, where we feel liberated from the constraints that surround everyday life and the miles just melt into hours.

Two riders climbing on Specialized Aethos road bikes

Not designed for racing!

If you’re not chasing those marginal aero gains, then you can focus more on the quality of the ride. By design the Aethos is fast, but it’s the pure riding pleasure of this bike that will capture your heart.

Specialized Aethos frame detail

No Lazy Fibres

By utilizing larger, longer and more continuous, unbroken plies in the carbon layup the Aethos needs fewer stiffness layers so the overall weight is lower, much lower.

Cyclist riding a Specialized Aethos

Accidentally Illegal

With a weight as low as 5.9kg the Aethos is illegal in some racing circles. Yet it’s still rated for a 275-pound rider and possesses all the telepathic handling, response, and stiffness targets that you expect from Specialized.

The Specialized Aethos breaks the unwritten rule that says road bikes must be focused on racing. It’s still a performance machine that can live with the fastest, but for pure riding pleasure, this bike is unrivalled.

Specialized Aethos Range

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