Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review

  • Price Range: From £6.99 - From £69.99
  • Discipline: Commuter cycling
  • Usage: Ideal for low-light conditions
  • Highly reflective fabrics
  • 360 degree low-light visibility
  • Clothing options for all seasons
  • Multi-layered fabrics
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Designed specifically for commuters

Updated: 14th August 2017


Altura’s Night Vision cycle clothing range is designed with one goal in mind – superior visibility in low-light conditions. Based in North Yorkshire, Altura are all-too-familiar with challenges of riding in difficult & unpredictable weather, in both rural and urban environments.

The approach Altura have taken to their Night Vision cycle clothing range is to start from the ground up, creating a product designed specifically for the job at hand rather than adapting something pre-existing. You won’t see any regular jackets with just a little extra reflective trim in here!

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review


After hours commuting has never been easier

Altura’s Night Vision clothing is designed to address the specific needs of cycle commuters, helping them to arrive comfortably and safely on every trip. Combined with 20 years of experience developing technical materials, Altura have taken a rider-centric design path to give you their best ever cycle clothing range for those who commute by bike.

Within the Night Vision range, there are options for all seasons of the year. Lightweight short-sleeve jerseys and windproof gloves for the spring & summer, or the combination of a waterproof jacket, overtrousers and overshoes for the autumn & winter. The Night Vision range also comes in children’s sizes, and includes safety vests, pannier bags, backpacks, and rain covers.

The Night Vision clothing range encompasses everything, from socks to jackets, and backpacks to helmet covers.

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review


20 years of technical fabric development

Altura have worked closely with leading yarn mills to help engineer the proprietary fabrics, for which they are so well known.

A core feature of Altura’s Night Vision jackets and jerseys is the use of high-visibility fabrics. Rather than using traditional materials and relying on some extra reflective trim, the high visibility outer fabrics ensure you’re presenting as much a surface area as possible to other road users, whether they’re in front, behind, or off to the side of you.

When it comes to comfort, there’s a lot going on behind-the-seams to help you stay comfortable in the saddle. Altura’s multi-layer Shield™ wind & waterproof fabric features heavily across the Night Vision range. Shield™ is both highly breathable and resistant to water ingress, making it ideal for active riders in less than perfect weather.

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review

Special Features

Built in lighting

NV360° is Altura’s 360° application of highly reflective material across their Night Vision garments. In addition to the retroreflective fabrics, the highly reflective trim is strategically placed to reflect light back in all directions. The trim has been strategically placed so as not to affect the breathability or water resistance of the fabric, and also around key areas of the body that helps draw more of an outline of where your extremities are.

Another key feature of Altura’s Night Vision waterproof jackets is the built rear-facing ILume® LED. The ILume® is such a neat and tidy installation, it’s almost surprising you don’t find it on every cycling jacket. It has a replaceable battery, and a simple push-button design that’s easy to turn on and off while wearing, and the flashing mode works alongside your existing lights to make sure you’re seen.

The ILume® rear facing LED is a fantastic little extra on Altura’s Night Vision jackets.

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range Review

Best for

After-hours & poor weather cycle commuting

If arriving at your destination feeling fresh and ready to go is your aim, accept no imitations. Altura’s Night Vision cycle clothing delivers a comfortable ride that keeps you warm & dry in the winter rain, and cool & calm in the summer sun.

Altura’s highly breathable, windproof and waterproof fabrics are testament to their many years at the top of game, leading the way forward, not just for commuters, but for cyclists across all disciplines. The additional LED lighting is the icing on the cake, and is as innovative as it is effective.

Altura Night Vision Cycle Clothing Range