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Introducing the Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS Trail Helmet

No stranger to creating industry-leading lids, Troy Lee Designs is known for its best-in-class helmets. The new A3 Helmet brings together leading protection, clever design and luxurious comfort to create a premium helmet.

Troy Lee has launched their newest trail helmet, the A3. This new lid builds on the success of the A1 and A2 helmets by adding luxurious comfort, MIPS technology and patent-pending safety features, some nifty magnetic features, ventilation for the longest climbs and extra coverage for the wildest descents.


MIPS Technology for Leading Safety

The Troy Lee Designs A3 adds new safety features over its predecessors. The helmet also uses MIPS Technology, specifically the MIPS B32 system.

MIPS helps redirect the energy of an impact by using a low friction, independent layer which sits between the helmet shell and your head. Most impacts happen when you fall at an angle rather than straight on, so the MIPS system works by reducing rotational movement to provide greater protection.

By using a mix of EPP and EPS foams, the helmet gives equal protection across high and low-speed impacts. The A3 covers more area at the rear of the head and around the ears giving even more protection.

This all comes together to form a lid that was independently verified by the Virginia Tech Safety Lab which gave the A3 it's highest rating of 5 stars.


Comfort is King

The A3 has an antimicrobial and quick-dry comfort liner. This liner is much larger than other liners making the A3 super comfortable, you can even customise it to your liking. TLD has put recommended cut lines on the liner, so if you want to reduce the amount of liner to either better fit your head or add some extra ventilation, it’s an easy job.

For the A3, Troy Lee Designs has also introduced a new micro adjuster for fine-tuning the fit. The adjuster is integrated into the MIPS system and gives a full 360˚ of retention, wrapping around the whole of your head. This is pretty remarkable, considering other helmets tend to give about 270˚ of retention.

There are new cradles on cantilever arms providing a bit of suspension and allowing you to tailor the fit of the A3 even further.

The result is a helmet that brings luxurious comfort.


Sweat Glide System

On the interior front edge of the A3 is TLD’s all-new Sweat Glide system. This system is a super soft foam strip that diverts any sweat off to the sides rather than running into your eyes, which is perfect for hard efforts or riding on hot days.

The Sweat Glide system comes already installed but the A3 also comes with two spares so you can keep things fresh.


Covered but Cool

The A3 has the deepest coverage of any open-face helmet in the TLD line-up, and it provides deeper coverage than many other trail helmets too.

The helmet extends further down the back of your neck and over your temples providing extra protection in those critical zones.

But the extra coverage doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. The A3 has 16 vents with optimised channelling to help keep your head cool on those long climbs.


Magnetic Features

The A3 closes with a Fidlock Magnetic Buckle, which TLD first starting using on its Stage full-face trail helmet. This buckle easily snaps into place providing a secure closure.

TLD has also introduced some magnet wizardry on the A3’s visor. As opposed to previous helmets where you could adjust the visor a little with the dial, the A3’s visor has more adjustment range by simply locking into 3 different positions thanks to magnets.

The great thing about this is you can easily move the visor up providing space to store your goggles. The visor also has smart sheer screws so if it does snap off in an impact, the screws will take the hit and the body of the helmet won’t be affected.

If you’re not a goggle wearer but go for sunglasses instead, the vents at the back of the A3 can hold a wide variety of glasses in place.


A TLD Finish

Troy Lee Designs is famed for its painting mastery, and the A3 comes in a variety of finishes that draw on TLD’s decades of experience in the paint shop. There are a number designs out already but expect to see gloss, matt, candy and metallic finishes coming out later in the year.

Troy Lee Designs A3 Helmet