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How To Fix A Puncture In A Tubeless Tyre How To Fix A Puncture In A Tubeless Tyre

How To Fix A Puncture In A Tubeless Tyre

Fixing Tubeless Tyres is Easy

While tubeless tyres drastically reduce the number of flat tyres you get, they are not immune to punctures. Fixing them is easy though, we will show how to repair both small and large punctures with a simple tubeless repair kit. We demonstrate this on a mountain bike tyre in the workshop, but it is almost as easy to do this out on the trail.

What you need?

  • Tubeless  tyre  sealant  in  your  tyres
  • Tubeless  valves
  • Tubeless  Puncture  Repair  Kit
  • Hand  Pump
  • CO2  inflator

Small Punctures

If you put tubeless tyre sealant in your tyre, then small punctures will fix themselves. The tubeless sealant remains liquid while it is in the tyre but when the wheel spins it will force some sealant out through the puncture hole. As soon as the sealant comes out of the puncture hole it solidifies to block the hole almost immediately. 

You probably won’t even notice small punctures although you may get loose a little tyre pressure. For this reason, it is a good idea to check your tubeless tyre pressures regularly.

Showing where the small puncture is in the tyre

Large Punctures

Locate the Puncture:

Locate the puncture. This is usually fairly obvious as you will see tubeless sealant around the hole. If the sealant in your tyre has dried up then pump up your tyre a little bit and see where the air is leaking from.

Once you have found the hole roughen the edges with the applicator. Some tubeless repair kits include a special tool for doing this.

Showing how to locate a puncture in your tubeless tyre

Push in the plug

Thread the plug through the applicator with equal amounts sticking out from each side

Push the applicator through the hole in your tyre. Push far enough through so that about half the plug is inside the tyre and half is sticking out.

How to plug the hole in a tubeless tyre

Remove the Applicator

Pull out the applicator leaving the plug in place.

Trim the ends of the plug, reinflate your tyre and carry on with your ride.

Note: sometimes a puncture on a tubeless tyre will unseat the tyre from the rim so it is a good idea to carry a CO2 inflator with your kit when you ride. This will enable you to re-seat the tyre if your hand pump isn't up to the job

Trim the ends off the plug and re-inflate your tyre

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