Cycle Clothing Size Guide

Cycle Clothing
Size Guide

Use our clothing size guide to find out how to measure your body properly and get the best fitting clothes possible.


1. Stand up straight with arms relaxed by your side

2. Have a friend wrap a tape measure under your armpits and around the thickest part of your chest (bust for women)

3. Around back, wrap the tape across your shoulder blades

4. Make sure the measure is taught but not tight

Illustration showing how to measure the chest for clothing

Waist & Hips


1. Wrap a measure around your abdomen (just above your hip bones)

2. Make sure the measure is level

3. Pull the tape for a snug fit, but not too tight.


1. Measure the smallest part of your waist

2. Measure the widest part of your hips

3. Make sure the measure is level

4. Pull the tape for a snug fit. Don’t pull too tight

Illustration showing to measure the hips and waist in both Men and Women

Inside Leg

1. Stand up straight against a wall with your legs together (shoes off)

2. Place a book or ruler between your legs just under your crotch

3. Get a friend to measure down to your ankle bone

Illustration showing to measure the inside leg


1. Measure your dominant hand

2. Keep your hand flat and use a tape measure to get your circumference of your palm

3. Measure below the knuckles but exclude your thumb

Please note some brands measure their gloves by measuring the width of your palm. If this is the case simply divided your palm circumference by two.

Illustration showing how to measure the hand for gloves

Knee Guards

To choose the right knee pad size you’ll need find out your leg size.

1. First measure your calf at the widest point (a)

2. Then your thigh about 10cm above your knee (b).

3. Now you can compare your measurements to the manufacturers size chart to get the perfect fit.

How to measure for knee pads


1. Place a tape measure in the centre of your forehead

2. Wrap around your head just above your ears

3. Make sure the tape crosses the occipital bone (bump at the back of your head)

Illustration showing to measure the head for helmets

Tips For Measuring

1. Get a friend to measure you when possible for improved accuracy

2. Take a number of measurements and take an average

3. Keep the tape measure snug but not tight. As a general rule you should be able to slip your finger through the slack

Illustration showing general tips for measuring

** Please note that all sizing information is provided as a guide and the products can vary for different models/type of product. For the most accurate sizing information, you can either call us on 01792 799508, email us or chat with us on Live Help and we'll be happy to help.